Kindly Myers Poses With Sister Kelly Danielle In Sheer Lingerie

Model Kindly Myers is posing with her sister Kelly Danielle to celebrate the latter’s birthday this year!

Kindly recently took a trip with other models out to Mexico and fans just love it when she poses with friends, especially in bikinis and lingerie! Earlier this week, Kindly shared two stunning snaps that featured her posing with Kelly to celebrate her birthday!

Kindly Myers Poses With Sister Kelly Danielle In Matching Lingerie To Celebrate Her Birthday!

Kindly Myers and Kelly Danielle pose in lingerie
Instagram | Kindly Myers

In another recent Instagram post, Kindly shared two snaps of her posing alongside Kelly, who is sitting on the right. Kelly has one arm around Kindly as she looks towards the camera.

Kindly is sitting on the bed beside her with her hand on one knee, letting her face rest against the side of her head. Both girls are twinning in long blonde hair and sheer lingerie with black accents.

Kindly Myers and Kelly Danielle pose in bikinis
Instagram | Kelly Danielle

In the caption, the popular OnlyFans model wrote a touching birthday tribute to her friend. “To the girl who is filled with magic and love, happy birthday! Another year around the sun,” she began. “Another year we have been blessed with an angel that is you.”

“Someone so kind yet badass. Someone so passionate about life. Someone so loving and nurturing. Every day, every year, I get to witness your incredible growth as a mother, sister, friend, and business woman.”

Fans Can’t Get Enough Of Kindly’s Sweet Tribute To Her Sister!

Kindly Myers and Kelly Danielle pose in lingerie
Instagram | Kindly Myers

“Seeing your passion and fierce protection of your family is inspiring and admirable. Kelly, you have changed all of our lives the moment you were brought into this world. My life changed for the better the second you were born,” she continued. “Life is better because of you.”

“You deserve the best this world has to offer and I hope you never settle For anything less than that. My wish for you is that you feel the way you make everyone else feel around you. I hope you know how obsessed I am with you,” she concluded. “I love you so very much my best friend, my sister.”

Kindly Myers and Kelly Danielle pose in bikinis
Instagram | Kelly Danielle

Fans showered the post with messages of Happy Birthday. “Those words are nice and certainly something to live by,” one fan commented. “Can I have both of them?” another follower asked. “Happy Birthday. You and your sis are GOALS. Enjoy everything today,” a third fan chimed in.

“That was very beautiful, Kindly… big props,” another follower shared. “Absolutely breathtaking the both of you,” another fan gushed. “Happiest of birthdays to your sister,” another follower added.

Kindly Gives Fans A Look Back At Some Of Her Highlights From 2023!

It looks like Kindly is starting to feel nostalgic about the past year as 2022 slowly comes to a close! She recently posted a video reel that showed off many of her highlights from the past year, which included her and Kayla Moody having too much fun in the hot tub! Fans who have followed her closely over the past year will recognize many shots from her Instagram photos that she’s shared over the years, as well as a few events and parties that Kindly has attended.

In the caption, Kindly wrote, “It’s been one heck of a year! Can’t stop won’t stop.” Fans were quick to agree with that! “Never stop never stopping!!!” one fan exclaimed. “I agree, keep on going!!!” another follower chimed in. “And please don’t ever stop!” a third fan agreed. “Keep going in 2023!!!” another follower urged. “Much more to come! Much more!” another fan added. “Just getting started! Make it a great 2023!” another follower shared.

Fans Can’t Wait To See What Sultry Snaps Kindly Will Share In 2023!

Kindly Myers gives fans a look at her 2022 review
Instagram | Kindly Myers

“Wow, what a sexy year of following you!” another follower commented. “Just enjoy your life as much as possible,” another fan wrote. “Only thing that’s gonna stop is my pulse,” another follower joked. “I love this video. Cheers to more blessings in the new year,” another fan shared. “You had a fantastic 2022. Hope and wish that the next year has a lot of magic moments for you too,” another follower shared.

Interested in more Kindly Myers content? Since the year is coming to an end, we compiled a list of Kindly’s hottest bikini snaps from 2022! Fans can check out those sultry snaps by clicking here!

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