KJ Apa Remains Silent After Hospital Visit

KJ Apa continues to keep fans on their feet after he posted a photo of himself in the hospital.

The “Riverdale” actor alarmed fans on New Year’s Eve when he posted a photo of him and his girlfriend, Clara Berry, in the hospital.

He captioned the photo, “Happy new year. We’re back in the hospital 😹.”

Clara is in a hospital gown while KJ is at her bedside wearing a green jacket, Mighty Ducks hat and a surgical face mask.

KJ Spent NYE In The Hospital

Of course, fans assumed the couple, who welcomed their first child in September, were announcing their second pregnancy.

Sadly, for fans, KJ made sure to clear the air and commented on his own post, “No we’re not having another baby.”

In another comment he wrote, “Yet.”

So… baby number two is NOT out of the question.

One fan commented, “hope everything is alright KJ ❤️ keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers tonight 🙏.”

Another wrote, “Oh no, hope everything is okay.”

KJ didn’t reveal anything more about their “non-baby” visit to the hospital, and from the looks of it, both he and Clara appear to be healthy.

KJ Says Baby No. 2 Is Not On The Way… YET

He hasn’t posted anything on social media since his hospital visit photo, which has some fans worried.

Clara and KJ welcomed their son, Sasha, in 2021.

The actor has gone full-blown dad mode since welcoming his little one.

He’s posted a slew of videos of himself to social media while babysitting Sasha.

In one video posted to his Instagram grid, KJ can be seen rubbing his son’s head while he lets out little coos.

KJ Is Prepping His Son For Greatness

His impassioned speech started out in a low and commanding tone.

“You will grow to be the king of these lands. You will grow to rule the people of this earth with all their animals and all their sheep and all their cows. Why? Because you are my son,” KJ told Sasha.

“And you will listen to every word that I say. For every rule that I speak. For every notion that I fathom, you will remember that I am your father and you will listen to me when it comes time for me to give you your milk. You will suck,” he said right before going Sasha started get a bit fussier then when the video started.

KJ ended the video saying, “Awe, I was just kidding.”

Clearly the new dad was just trying to have some fun with his little one and show him a thing or two about acting, but Sasha didn’t take kindly to it and neither did his momma.

Clara commented, “Ok I’ll never leave again 🥺.”

His former “Riverdale” co-star Skeet Ulrich commented, “😂😂😂 papa apa.”

Needless to say, fatherhood looks good on the New Zealand native.

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