Kristen Stewart Had a Hard Time Letting Go of Princess Diana After Filming Spencer

While much attention on the British Royal family on TV recently has been focused on the actions of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle following their divisive Oprah interview, there have been a number of other high profile dramas and movies featuring the Royals including the often controversial Netflix drama The Crown, which has drawn criticism from some supporters of the family for their semi-fictional take the dramas surrounding. As well as season five of The Crown, another upcoming drama featuring Diana, Princess of Wales is the Kristen Stewart movie Spencer.

The Twilight actress plays the princess in one of the pivotal moments of her life, and Kristen Stewart recently talked about what it was like to play the much-loved royal, but also how hard it was to let go of her afterwards. The movie, directed by Pablo Larrain, takes in events over a weekend around Christmas in the early 1990s, at the point when she decided to divorce her royal husband Charles and make a life for herself outside the British Monarchy. Stewart spoke about the role and what went into portraying Diana.

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“She means a lot to me – but it’s all relatively new because I’m from LA and I didn’t grow up in England,” she said to El Paso Inc. “Before this, she was not something that was at the forefront of my mind, because I lived so far away from it all. Now, I can’t stop thinking about her. I often wonder what she’d think about what’s going on in the world right now. To be honest, I’ve now consumed pretty much all there is to consume in terms of videos and interviews. I’ve watched everything that you could hear or see. I even go to sleep with it on.”

In preparation for the part, Stewart spent much time researching everything she could find on the life of Princess Diana, reading her biographies and watching as many interviews and newsreel footage showing her as she was around the time of the divorce. While not British herself, Stewart certainly made every effort to encompass everything about he look, style and attitude of Diana in her performance, and like so many other Americans to have played members of the British Royal family was well aware of just how much effort she would need to put in to accurately portray the princess.

It is easy to see how spending so much time delving into the life of Princess Di has made a lasting impression on the star, who admitted to now feeling “protective of her.” While we have already seen a first image of Stewart in the role, we are yet to see her actual performance, but we have to assume from the amount of focus she put into capturing the princesses mannerisms and accent, she is going to join the ranks of those who have managed to successful play Diana on screen in the past.

The movie is due to come out later this year, but we don’t have any official date yet or indeed a trailer, but we would expect to see one pretty soon with the movie already being complete. This news originated at CinemaBlend.

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