Kylie Jenner’s Brother Leaves Eye-Raising Comment On ‘Free The Nipple’ Pics

Kylie Jenner’s half-brother is showing support for his little sister while simultaneously creeping a lot of people out.

Brandon Jenner, one son of Caitlyn Jenner, slid into Kylie’s IG comments following her jaw-dropping “Free The Nipple” post earlier this week.

We told you about the shocking photos she posted.

Kylie was sporting a skin-colored swimsuit and on the triangular bikini top were women’s nipples.

Kylie Jenner Frees The Nipples

Kylie Jenner frees the nipple
Instagram / Kylie Jenner

To clarify, the nipples were not PHYSICALLY Kylie’s, but it’s still unclear if the nipples on the swimsuit were a photo of the cosmetic queen’s actual nipples.

How many times can we say ‘nipples’ in one sentence?

Anyways, friends like Victoria Villarroel and Malika Haqq left supportive comments on the photo, which many people didn’t bat an eye at.

However, it was Brandon’s comment that got people both freaking out and defending him.

He simply commented “😆🙌🏼” on the photos.

Brandon Jenner’s Comment Causes Mixed Reactions


Now, Brandon and Kylie are blood related due to their father, Caitlyn. They do have different mothers.

Many against the musician’s comments let it be known they were severely creeped out.


“no no you’re her brother noooo,” one person replied.

Another responded to Brandon’s comment writing, “you’re her brother weird thing,” and someone else simply wrote, “huh 🤨.”

However, there were many people defending the 41-year-old’s comment.

Some Showed Support For Brandon’s Comment

“Brandon Jenner, brothers supporting their sisters! I’m all for it – the thing wrong here is the idiots who have an issue with the comment they are the ones sexualizing it and need to have a word with themselves! Be free free the nipple! Breastfeed without judgement be a woman without judgement support your family without judgement,” one person replied.

This person commented, “how is it weird!?!?! He’s referring to her saying free the nipples , humor omg.”

“People in these replies are making this comment weird lol. He definitely wasn’t trying to be creepy at all lmao,” another person replied.

Brandon hasn’t responded to any of the buzz about his emoji comment, but he is over on his Instagram creating a “snap challenge,” and putting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson up to it, sooo there’s that.

This isn’t Kylie’s first time putting her girls on display. Back in 2017, the cosmetics queen did her first-ever “nude” magazine cover for V Magazine.

She was not completely in the buff, but her breasts were on display through sheer clothing.

“That was actually my first super nude shoot,” the reality TV star told the mag of her shoot. “I always post sexy pictures, but have never really gone nude.”

The mother-of-two, who has yet to reveal her son’s real name, has been hard at work in the gym.

Following the birth of her second child in February, the Kylie Cosmetics founder opened up about her postpartum struggles.

Kylie Jenner on a boat
Instagram / Kylie Jenner

On Friday, April 29, the lip kit queen revealed to fans how much weight she gained during her pregnancy.

“Gained 60lbs again this pregnancy 🤰🏻down 40lbs 🙏🏻 just trying to be healthy and patient. Walking/pilates is my favorite combo,” she wrote.

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