Kylie Jenner’s Most Controversial Instagram Posts

Kylie Jenner Gets Mom-Shamed

Jenner’s “Best Friend” Stormi Gets New Earrings

Whenever Jenner posts photos of her daughter, Stormi, the internet often erupts with armchair experts chiming in on everything Jenner is doing wrong as a mother. After Jenner posted a series of photos featuring a then 2-year-old Stormi wearing a pair of hoop earrings with the caption, “go best friend,” some people immediately began mom-shaming her for two reasons. First, many believed that Stormi was too young to be wearing hoop earrings, since kids at that age might pull at the hoops or catch them on something, which makes them a bit dangerous. There were also comments saying that hoops would stretch out the toddler’s earlobes, causing future problems. In addition, there were comments shaming Jenner for referring to her daughter as her best friend, and the caption was used to insinuate that Jenner, as a young mom, was too focused on being her kid’s friend rather than her parent.

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