Kylie Jenner’s Nipple Bikini Reportedly Based On ‘Stolen’ Design

Kylie Jenner’s nude, nipple bikini is still wreaking havoc on the internet.

The cosmetics queen wore the swimsuit earlier this week and absolutely shocked fans. The skin-colored $150.00 bikini features women’s nipples on the triangular top.

Kylie used the bikini photo opportunity to send a message, “Free The Nipple.”

She tagged fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier in the photo as well. The piece is from the Jean Paul Gaultier X Lotta Volkova “naked” collection, which debuted in May.

Kylie’s Nude Bikini Is Wreaking Havoc Online

Kylie Jenner frees the nipple
Instagram / Kylie Jenner

Now that the photo is out, one small business owner is screaming from the rooftops that the design is stolen.

A small business based in Chicago has accused the French fashion designer of stealing its patented nipple-printed bikini top.

What’s worse but not totally shocking is that Gaultier is selling it at a higher price.

In an Instagram post made on Monday, June 6, the account @thetatatop re-shared Kylie’s post and captioned it, “We provide the inspo & affordable price, they try to sell a less-inclusive version to rich people for 5x the price! It’s amazing!!! Never mind the fact we’ve had our (patented) top since 2014, donate $3 from each sale to charity, and are a LGBTQIA-owned business! It’s Pride Month, what better time to take advantage of the queers, am I right?? LMAO Save your money & support ORIGINAL.”

Small Chicago Business Says Gaultier STOLE The Idea

All of The TaTa Top bikini tops cost $34.99 whereas Gaultier’s entire bikini set is $325.

Fans of came to the store’s defense.

One fan responded, “I just saw this picture and came straight to your page to talk about them stealing your entire idea… i’ve been following for years and this is so disheartening to see.”

Did Kylie Filter Out Comments Coming For The ‘Stolen’ Design?

Another pointed out that either Kylie or Kylie’s team interfered with them calling out the Kylie Cosmetics founder.


This person is ready to go to bat for TheTaTaTop, “So where do we donate for the lawyer fees? Because I’m ready to fight the power and see the rich go down.”

Linze Rice runs the business and has since 2014. She told Insider that she was shocked and disheartened when she learned of Gaultier ripping off her design.

“We have worked so hard to fight against getting banned on Instagram, having our posts constantly removed and me constantly having to fight back and say, no, this is not a sexual product. Like we donate to breast cancer charities,” Rice, 32, said

She explained running the business during the pandemic and afterwards was like “fighting this uphill battle,” which she says Gaultier never had to experience.

Rice declined to say if she would be pursuing legal proceedings.


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