Lady Gaga Covers Smelly Cat in Friends: The Reunion and Fans Are Loving It

At long last, Friends: The Reunion premiered on HBO Max this week, and a standout moment for many fans was the “Smelly Cat” cover by Lady Gaga. Featuring the original six main cast members reminiscing about the series, the special brought back Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer. A variety of special guests were also included in the special, including superfan Lady Gaga.

In the segment, Lisa Kudrow is performing Phoebe’s classic song when who suddenly comes in but Lady Gaga. The “Born This Way” singer, dressed up as Phoebe appeared on the original sitcom, offers to join in and give “Smelly Cat” a spin. After Gaga sings a verse, the two end up singing the song together. A gospel chorus even joins the song by the end of the segment. The scene has since been shared on social media, where it has quickly garnered millions of views from fans.

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“I’m sorry but Lady Gaga can make Smelly Cat absolutely slap,” Liv Marks posted to Twitter, sharing a video clip of the duet.

“lady gaga singing smelly cat with lisa kudrow while dressing as phoebe is something i didn’t know i needed,” another tweet reads.

“Gaga and Phoebe together performing Smelly Cat!!!! So sweet and such a cute interaction,” says another fan. “2 women who were never afraid to be anything but themselves and have always been celebrated for that.”

One tweet reads: “Dear @ladygaga & @LisaKudrow : I’m seriously wondering why the #SmellyCat gospel remix is not available to stream/download/purchase/own/cherish forever. Friends please fix this immediately.”

“lady gaga and lisa kudrow performing smelly cat together is something straight out of my fever dreams,” writes another viewer.

And another fan posted: “Gotta say, though I found the ‘guests’ selected for the Friends Reunion to be really random (other than those who appeared on the show, obviously); Gaga singing #SmellyCat with Lisa had me grinning from ear to ear.”

Along with Lady Gaga, some of the other celebrity guests to appear on the special include Cara Delevingne, Cindy Crawford, Kit Harington, Thomas Lennon, Reese Witherspoon, David Beckham, Tom Selleck, and Mindy Kaling. The special features recreations of the original sets from the series, like the apartment and the Central Perk coffee shop, along with table reads and interviews with the cast. Behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the series is also shown and the cast reveal stories about the production never before told.

Friends co-creator David Crane says there’s no interest in doing a reboot or revival of the series, but doing the reunion show as a one-off special made sense.

“The idea of doing a reboot or anything where you see the characters again was off the table,” Crane recently told THR. “We ended the series the way we wanted to end it, and the idea of revisiting the characters was never interesting. But even a reunion, I was apprehensive. But [director] Ben Winston presented his vision of it and I found myself getting really excited. I left that meeting going, ‘Oh, this actually could be very cool.'”

Friends: The Reunion is now streaming on HBO Max. You can see what other people are saying about the “Smelly Cat” duet with Lady Gaga and +Lisa Kudrow on Twitter.

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