Larissa Trownson Drops Jaws In Her See-Through Dress

Model Larissa Trownson is putting her bikini body on display in a revealing dress once again!

The season 2 contestant on the hit Netflix reality series “Too Hot To Handle” channeled “Sunday Funday” vibes when she put on a steamy display in her see-through dress!

Larissa Trownson Is The ‘Talk Of The Town’ In Her See-Through Dress

Larissa Trownson in a see-through dress
Instagram | Larissa Trownson

In her latest Instagram post, the Netflix reality star put on a steamy display in a see-through dress that didn’t leave much to the imagination. The sheer fabric wrapped around her neck and trailed down her body, hugging her curves. There are two black cut-outs to cover her dress and a long strip of black fabric that started just above her belly button and trailed down the front of her legs.

Still, fans can’t see the straps of any underwear through the see-through material, making it seem like she is wearing that dress and little else. It looks like Larissa actually took the revealing dress out for a spin as she stands in the middle of a garden on a sunny day. Her long brown hair flows over her shoulders as she stands with her hands pressed against her sides.

Fans And Famous Friends Can’t Get Enough Of Her Sultry Snaps!

Larissa Trownson in a see-through dress
Instagram | Larissa Trownson

In the caption, the New Zealand lawyer revealed that the photos were really an ad for Fashion Nova, writing, “If you look closely, you can see my halo @FashionNova. Talk of the Town Maxi Dress – Black AD.” Her “Too Hot To Handle” costars couldn’t get enough of the snaps, with season 2 costar Elle Monae writing, “Nd wings” alongside an angel emoji.

“Hello 911? I would like to report a robbery… of my heart,” one fan gushed. “Always so angelic,” another follower commented. “Wow, you’re so beautiful,” a third fan gushed. “You bring sunshine into my cloudy and gloomy days. Thanks for you being you,” another follower chimed in. “Glowing beauty,” another fan wrote. “When I want to be happy, I just close my eyes and I think about you, and my Sunday is blessed,” another follower commented.

That’s Not The Only See-Through Dress Larissa Has Worn Recently!

Larissa Trownson poses in a see-through dress
Instagram | Larissa Trownson

Earlier this month, the New Zealand native took to Instagram to tease yet another “inappropriate” dress that left her followers’ jaws on the floor. She is wearing a black dress that has one strap wrapped around her neck. The short material drops only to her upper thighs and is so see-through that fans can see the black panties she is wearing underneath.

She accessorized her look with black knee-high boots and large dangling hoop earrings that can be seen beneath her wavy brown hair. In one photo, Larissa is using her hands to cover her chest, showing off her long red nails. In another shot, she took her hands away from her chest, revealing just how see-through that material really is!

Larissa Teases Her See-Through Dress: ‘Appropriate No, Wearing Yes’

Larissa Trownson poses in a see-through dress
Instagram | Larissa Trownson

Although the social media sensation admitted that her dress may not be appropriate, in the caption, she wrote, “Appropriate no, wearing yes.” Her season 2 “Too Hot To Handle” costar Emily Faye Miller commented “Caption” alongside four laughing-face emojis. Another costar, Peter Vigilante, commented “Stunning” to which Larissa replied, “Miss you!”

“Hottest on the block!” one fan gushed. “Where did you manage to wear that to? Unbelievably beautiful,” another follower wrote. Larissa replied, “Work of course.” Another fan wrote, “My kinda office!” Another follower wrote, “See-through. I see you. Sexi-liciously beautiful and delicious.”

Fans Can’t Believe That Larissa Trownson Was Ever A Blonde!

Larissa Trownson
Instagram | Larissa Trownson

“Literally cannot believe you were ever a blonde,” another follower commented, referring to how Larissa had bleached blonde hair when she appeared in season 2 of “Too Hot To Handle.” Larissa replied, “Neither can I honestly” to which the fan responded, “Gorgeous regardless babes.” Another fan called her “my role model” while another follower called her “hot honey.”

“Unreal as per usual,” another fan gushed. “YOU ARE TOO BEAUTIFUL,” another follower exclaimed. “Oofff what a sexy Pokémon,” another fan teased. “Prettier in real life too. Such a babe,” another follower commented. “Girl, you look amazing,” another fan wrote. “I can’t breathe. You look so fierce and stunning girl,” another follower chimed in.

Interested in more Larissa Trownson content? In another recent Instagram post, the “Too Hot To Handle” hottie gave fans a busty view in a tiny white bikini! Fans can check out those sultry snaps by clicking here!

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