Latest Rumors About Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez’s Upcoming Wedding

With 698 home runs and over 70 million records sold between them, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are truly a power couple among power couples. The two had planned a destination wedding in Italy, but The Wedding Planner star has been forced to indefinitely delay the big day due to COVID-19. This hasn’t stopped tabloids from making up all kinds of negative stories about the stars. Keep in mind that the couple is still very much in love, as evidenced by Lopez’ birthday tribute on Instagram.

The Wedding Was Called Off Over Golden Globe Grief, Not The Pandemic

For her show-stealing performance in Hustlers, Lopez received a well-deserved Golden Globe nomination. She lost to Laura Dern, an honor unto itself, but according to NW she took the lost so poorly that it caused her to cancel her wedding. Lopez wanted to win so badly that the loss triggered a full on meltdown, with a split from Rodriguez being all of a sudden imminent. Bit of a logic leap there. A so-called insider even said “Alex wouldn’t be her first marital mistake.” That’s not just false but also very rude. Rodriguez posted a supportive message on Instagram following the awards loss, proving this wedding-cancelling-tantrum was completely false. We’ll say it again: the wedding was only delayed because of the pandemic.

Lopez And Rodriguez Regret Quarantining Together

Apparently the folks over at In Touch don’t have access to any social media, because its story that Rodriguez and Lopez are in a “house of horrors” could never be published otherwise. The two are apparently not coping with close quarters well, with Rodriguez more focused on “TV or working out while J.Lo runs around in her pajamas after kids.” An anonymous and untrustworthy insider added the two were starting to doubt marriage altogether. A source close to the couple told Gossip Cop “they’re with family and all is good.” Given the two could purchase the New York Mets together, it’s safe to say no break-up is imminent.

The Pandemic Was Just An Easy Excuse

The National Enquirer’s version of strife is at least acknowledging the actual postponement reason. According to the infamous tabloid, “the pandemic was a good excuse to slow things down before they jumped the rails completely!” Relying on strictly unnamed “sources,” the magazine says Lopez is obsessed with “showing off her body” and it’s “driving him crazy!” Lopez is a dancer and performer by trade, so of course she’s going to be dancing in social media posts. Gossip Cop busted this flimsy story as baseless and illogical. Rodriguez has modeled himself, so why would any social media post upset him enough to break-up? It’s preposterous.

Rather Than Getting Married, They’re Having A Baby?

Perhaps the single most common tabloid rumor, next to divorce speculation, is a supposed secret pregnancy. Heat claimed just that, beside photographs of Lopez and Rodriguez, in it’s headline: “forget the wedding, we’re having a baby!” Here we see yet another anonymous “insider” claiming while “they’ll set another date” for the wedding, “kids were one of the first things they discussed when they started dating” and now is “the perfect time to add to their family.” At least this made-up story depicts two people in love and not folks ready to call off a wedding over losing a Golden Globe. Of course it’s also not true. Gossip Cop busted this story when Lopez appeared on The Today Show and said “there’s no planning right now.” That would imply no wedding or babies in the immediate future.

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