Leonardo DiCaprio’s Going To Be A Father? Report Claims Camila Morrone Is Pregnant

Has Leonardo DiCaprio Found The One?

The unknown informant adds that DiCaprio and Morrone have been “turning down” some surprising invites lately and the insider believes this is why. However, Gossip Cop would like to point out that we are still in a pandemic, which is why many people aren’t currently attending gatherings or events. Still, the insider says, Morrone is “totally blooming right now” and the Titanic star is “all over her.” The tipster further reveals all of DiCaprio’s friends are loving “the new Leo” and are certain Morrone is “The One” for the actor. “And while she may not get him down the aisle,” the Woman’s Day source spills, “he does want to be a dad one day. His mom will kill him if he doesn’t give her grandkids soon.”

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