Lexy Panterra Twerks On The Beach In Her Black Thong Bikini

Singer Lexy Panterra is living life like it’s July even though it’s still the middle of January!

The 33-year-old California native took to Instagram to share a video of her having a blast on the beach, which included a video of her twerking in a tiny black bikini. Fans wouldn’t expect anything else from the “Booty On Her” singer!

Lexy Panterra Jiggles Her Booty In A Black Thong Bikini

In her latest Instagram post, set to her song “Bad B*tch,” Lexy shares a 42-second clip that features her twerking on the edge of a jet ski while people sunbathe and play in the water behind her. She sticks her tongue out for the camera as her long dark hair cascades down her back. She hid her eyes behind angular sunglasses as she shook her sunned buns back and forth.

Eventually, she hops off the jet ski before she sits back down and proceeds to twerk a bit more, blowing kisses for the camera and sticking out her tongue again. One of her friends comes around with the camera and Lexy starts to get really into it, whipping her hair around as her friends cheer her on.

Lexy Panterra twerks on a beach in a black bikini
Instagram | Lexy Panterra

In the caption, Lexy wrote, “Shake my 🍑 Get the 💼 I do both baby , I’m the reason she Twerk I’m the 🐐 baby – #bbmusic.” Singer Jessenia commented, “Literally started shaking my a** the moment this tuned played. 🔥🔥🔥 yessss love it.” Lexy replied, “hahaha thank you!!! Use itttt😍.” Model Erin Lim Rhodes commented, “Zamn mammmma” to which Lexy responded, “wish to run into u soon.”

However, not everyone was supportive of Lexy’s hot new video. Some people pointed to the number of kids in the background and accused her of setting a bad example for them.

Users Accuse Lexy Of ‘Setting A Bad Example’ For The Kids Playing On The Beach!

Lexy Panterra at the Premiere Of Sony Pictures' "Jumanji: The Next Level" - Arrivals

“How you tweaking like that and all them little kids out there. You are setting a bad example for the kids,” one user commented. However, Lexy shot back, “im not their example go somewhere else.”

“Meanwhile there’s a kid and his family in the background, which you Definitely saw when you checked to see if the coast was clear, and you still decided to go for it,” another user chimed in. Lexy replied, “it’s Publix get over it.” One user responded, “she’s so rude” while another agreed, adding, “still show respect to those around you lol.”

Lexy Panterra

Lexy replied, “This is my respect.” In a follow-up comment, she added, “I think they should send me a gift after this.” Another user clapped back, “lexy you aren’t marriage material. You’re a** is online for your kids to see one day. Enjoy your youth now. That s*** fades fast!” Lexy responded, “ur face isn’t either.”

Yet another follower wrote, “Not the kids in the back😭 beautiful as always tho.” Lexy asked, “so I can’t do nothing on the beach?” She later added, “guess I gotta go get my own private island … WANNA help me pay?” The fan replied, “Never said that, I pointed out kids in the background That’s it.” They later followed it up with “If I could I would.”

Fans Are STILL Coming For Lexy In The Comments!

The harsh comments on her beach bikini video kept on coming. “Ngl she’s hot and successful. But this is for all the men… think about your future kids. Don’t get lost in the sauce,” one user wrote. Another fan clapped back,” some people don’t ever want kids. You don’t know if she’s in that spectrum.” Lexy replied, “amen.”

“where you been you think when girls do their clothing hauls and trying on bathing suits it’s for other women to see what they look like in it? No it’s all for men lmao no matter how they try to market it lol,” another user commented. Another user shot back, “I think she’s bisexual so… she definitely does it for women, too.” Lexy loved that last comment, responding, “😂❤️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.”

Lexy Panterra
Instagram | Lexy Panterra

Another user asked, “What 🍑 🤣🤣🤣? Gurl it’s flaaaat 🤣🤣🤣.” Lexy replied, “Nobody asked you or anybody else about my a.” Another follower commented, “very sexy imo.. thin but still has the curves and a** is definitely not flat… her confidence, attitude, and hustle alone are sexy…” Lexy replied to the last comment with two red heart emojis.

Interested in more Lexy Panterra content? In another recent Instagram video, she flashed her sunned buns when she got down on all fours in a bright orange bikini! Fans can check out that steamy display by clicking here!

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