Lindsay Lohan Has A Podcast In The Works

Lindsay Lohan is adding ‘Podcast Host’ to her never-ending resumé.

The actress is launching her very own podcast with Red Arrow Studios’ Studio71.

LiLo has not yet announced the name of her podcast, but we’re going to guess she’s got a few options to choose from given her impressive acting career.

This podcast will be Lindsay’s first big project since her MTV show, “Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.”

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The reality TV show followed LiLo as she ran her Grecian beach club and managed a crew of young, party animal employees.

Lindsay’s ‘Beach Club’ only survived two seasons on the network, and her beach club shut down soon afterward.

Lindsay became a bit of a recluse from the public eye after her beach club failed.

This podcast will allow the “Mean Girls” star to “share her authentic voice,” giving listeners “a chance to experience a never-before-seen side” of the actress.

“I’m excited to partner with Studio71 in the development and production of my podcast,” said Lindsay, per Deadline. “I’m looking forward to connecting with more of my fans and having intimate conversations with friends and thought leaders across all industries.”

In addition to her podcast, Lindsay is set to star in a Netflix holiday romantic comedy.

The Blast previously reported in May that the veteran actress will play a spoiled hotel heiress who gets into a skiing accident.

According to Variety, “In this new movie, Lohan will play a ‘newly engaged, spoiled hotel heiress’ who gets amnesia after a skiing accident and ‘finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner and his precocious daughter in the days leading up to Christmas.’”

That same month, LiLo seemingly teased this project on her Instagram account. She posted a photo of herself in a green dress in the desert with stagehands assisting her with the dress and a boom mic overhead. She captioned the photo, “The beginning of something…”

A title for the movie has not yet been released.

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