Lisa Kudrow And Jennifer Aniston Have A History Of Feuding According To Rumors

Everyone Hates Jennifer, Especially Lisa

Months later, Star reported all the Friends cast-mates hated Jennifer Aniston. The tabloid asserted each cast member of the show despised Aniston because she was the “break-out” star of the sitcom, particularly Kudrow. When speaking about the Easy A actress’s feelings toward Aniston, a supposed insider told the outlet Kudrow was “very jealous” of all the attention Aniston received. “Everyone wanted to interview Jen, and her ‘Rachel’ hair became such a phenomenon that it was the only thing people talked about,” the so-called insider told Star. Gossip Cop, however, checked with a spokesperson for Aniston who said the story was nonsense. Also, Aniston has shared several photos of herself with Kudrow and Cox, which proves that all three leading ladies are on good terms.

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