Lizzo Granted Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity From President James Madison’s Estate!

The sweet trill of Lizzo‘s flute-playing continues to captivate and charm audiences!

Last week, the “About Da*n Time” singer experienced an extremely historic and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The Blast reported on Lizzo’s recent Washington D.C. tour stop where the 34-year-old gave her fans the gift of witnessing, as she later proclaimed, “history being made.”

The Library Of Congress had previously extended an invitation for Lizzo to play a 200-year-old flute during the performance, which had belonged to the family of President James Madison’s family. The sweet moment, which had been filmed and then later posted to Lizzo’s Instagram, occurred a few days after she had visited the Library of Congress for a tour.

Lizzo’s visit was chronicled in a blog post from the Library Of Congress. Photos from the visit were also later shared in a tweet from The Library Of Congress as well.

How Did Lizzo’s Historical Performance Come Together?

NBC Washington reported the historical flute had been salvaged by First Lady Dolly Madison after “the White House had been set on fire by British troops in 1814.” (per The Blast)

Plans for the historical moment were first put into place courtesy of Library Of Congress employee Carla Hayden after she had reached out to the “2 Be Loved (Am I Ready)” singer on Twitter. Hayden tweeted, “Like your song[s]. They are ‘good as hell.’”

Lizzo soon toured The Library of Congress and was given the opportunity to try out the flute before the big show!

The Library Of Congress’ tweet from September 28th read, “You didn’t think @lizzo played that antique flute without practicing first, did you?” The tweet also revealed Lizzo also “played several of the flutes in our collection, which is the largest collection in the world.”

On September 29th, their Twitter account followed up on Lizzo’s tour of the library by tweeting, “Many of you following along with #LizzoatLOC were surprised that the Library has a flute vault. We are the largest Library in the world & home to more than 173 million objects, so there are many more surprises like that in our collection…”

The famous 200-year-old crystal flute Lizzo would later play on stage made its way out of the Library courtesy of a strict security process.

The Library of Congress wrote in their aforementioned blog post, “Curators ensure that the item can be transported in a customized protective container and a library curator and security officer are always guarding the item until it could be secured once more.”

The item would soon make its way to Lizzo and the stage of the Captial One Arena. She excitedly celebrated her big moment in the caption of her Instagram post, writing in all-caps, “I’M THE FIRST & ONLY PERSON TO PLAY THIS PRESIDENTIAL CRYSTAL FLUTE. IT’S LITERALLY AN HEIRLOOM- LIKE… AS A FLUTE PLAYER THIS IS ICONIC AND I WILL NEVER BE OVER IT!”

Could Lizzo Play President Madison’s Flute Once More?

Lizzo’s legacy with the Madison family would not end with her historical Washington D.C. performance!

Earlier today, news broke Lizzo has “an open invitation” from President Madison’s Montpelier Estate to “take a private tour of Madison’s estate and even put on a performance during her visit,” according to a TMZ report per I-Heart Radio.

The report also detailed that reps from Madison’s estate are “hoping to arrange something with the Library of Congress so that Lizzo could play the crystal flute again during her potential set there.”

As of this writing, there has been no word on whether Lizzo has accepted the invitation, but judging by her excitement and on-stage proclamation that “History is freaking cool, you guys,” it seems Lizzo would be absolutely game to play the flute once again!

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