Loki Episode 5 Has a Chris Hemsworth Cameo That Almost Everyone Missed

It turns out that Chris Hemsworth appeared in last week’s episode of Loki albeit, in a very small role. Apparently, he played the frog trapped in the small jar. Many fans missed it, but as per director Kate Herron, the frog is voiced by none other than Chris Hemsworth himself.

Frog Thor or Throg was struggling to escape from a glass jar, while the Lokis were climbing down a basement. The shot also gave a glimpse of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. Episode 5 of Loki is being hailed as the best one yet by many fans, and in some ways, it really is. Full of action and good character development, the episode was a blast. Loki director Kate Herron joined For All Nerds for an interview, where she spilled the beans on Hemsworth’s secret cameo. While stating her favorite easter eggs from the episode, Herron said,

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“Throg, obviously, getting him in. We recorded Chris Hemsworth for that, by the way. We recorded him for that. His voice going ‘Ahhh!’ That’s a whole new recording. Not recycled. He recorded that.”

Along with Thor, Loki episode 5 featured numerous easter eggs and references to Marvel comics, with the Thanos copter and Yellowjacket’s helmet being one of them. Various fan theories have been circulating on the internet, particularly on the Ant-Man villain’s helmet, that the Time Variance Authority or TVA exists in the quantum realm.

Also featured in the episode were several Loki variants, who, like Tom Hiddleston’s Loki, were also pruned by the TVA. But it turns out that those poor variants, who get pruned, are not erased from existence but thrown into ‘The Void’, a dangerous place just before the end of time.

Richard Grant appeared as the classic Loki and was without a doubt, the MVP of the episode. Along with his older, more mature, and powerful version of Loki, the episode also saw Hiddleston meeting the boastful Loki, kid Loki, and the alligator Loki. There were a few others as well.

Writer and producer Eric Martin further revealed on Twitter that there was another scene involving Loki and Throg that was filmed but didn’t make the final cut. “We actually shot a scene for the Time Theater in Ep 1 of Loki getting pummeled by Frog Thor, but had to cut it to keep things moving. It’s too bad, because Tom was funny as hell.” Martin wrote on Twitter.

Many fans were wondering if Thor will show up in Loki, but with several versions of Loki already in the show and only six episodes, it may have got overstuffed with Hemsworth actually appearing in a significant role. Almost every other character in the show has turned out to be a Loki. With one more episode left, Kang has been predicted to appear as the bad guy behind TVA, but from what we have seen so far, the man behind TVA will most likely be another iteration of Loki.

Hemsworth will return in Thor: Love and Thunder alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy for another crazy adventure next summer. But unfortunately, Tom Hiddleston will not be appearing in the film. Hopefully, the Loki finale dropping on 14 July will answer all the questions. This news comes to us via Nerdist.

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