Loki TV Show Resumes Filming for Disney+

The Loki Disney+ series cast and crew are back to work on set. One of the show’s stars, actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw, revealed the news in a recent interview. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, along with the Loki series, were going strong in the middle of March, but were forced to shut down due to the ongoing pandemic. WandaVision wrapped a few weeks beforehand, though it has been reported some additional filming was needed. Whatever the case may be, the show, which stars Paul Bettany and Elisabeth Olsen, will premiere sometime later this year.

Marvel Studios has been very quiet about Loki and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier getting back to work in Atlanta. However, this isn’t anything really new for the studio, who goes to great lengths to keep everything under wraps until the project is ready for the public to see. Loki is no different, but it has been confirmed that the show is back up and running. Gugu Mbatha-Raw had this to say.

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“I’m obviously sworn to secrecy about everything to do with Loki, but it feels great to be back. Everyone is trying to do it as safely as possible under the circumstances, and it feels good. I’m excited. It’s a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to see it.”

A lot of productions for the big and small screen are attempting to get back to work at the moment. The Rock’s Red Notice recently started up again, along with Matt Reeves’ The Batman, which suffered a health setback and is now up and running again. The CW’s Supernatural is already finished with its final two episodes after recently heading back to the set in Vancouver, Canada.

While the public health crisis has been tough for everybody, some have found ways to find positivity in spending so much time at home. Matt Reeves was able to fine tune The Batman script and put together a massive trailer. Marvel Studios has been taking on a lot of work behind-the-scenes and getting casting done. Loki star Gugu Mbatha-Raw also found some positives while taking a break from the Disney+ set. She explains.

“I was in the middle of filming when the pandemic happened, so I had a real break, I’ve been painting and reading. Like so many others, I was at home for a long time. Not to make light of the suffering going on, but in some ways, it has been an opportunity for me to get a fresh perspective on things. It is downtime that perhaps I might not have had, and now I’m thankful to be back to work. It’s been a journey for everyone, but it’s all for a greater reason and the greater good.”

Loki brings back Tom Hiddleston to play the God of Mischief in a time traveling adventure. According to the official synopsis, we will see Hiddleston’s character throughout world history events, which leaves a lot to the imagination. So far, we’ve seen a very brief piece of footage that was shared during this year’s Super Bowl spot and a trailer is more than likely going to be a while. For now, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans will just have to be happy in knowing that the Loki show is back to work. The interview with Gugu Mbatha-Raw was originally conducted by Forbes.

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