Louis C.K. Attempts To Make Major Mainstream Comeback With New Movie, ‘Fourth of July’

In the wake of Johnny Depp‘s recent victory and Harvey Weinstein’s persistent appeal concerning his felony sexual assault convictions, shunned comedian Louis C.K. is also apparently getting ready for his own comeback.

No less than five women previously accused the comedian of sexual misconduct, acts he admitted to and apologized for. In the wake of the social media backlash, several media companies cut ties with C.K. However, with his recent Grammy win, the director is gradually reentering the limelight.

Despite the accusations, the comedian hasn’t had a shortage of shows and even went on to win an Emmy for his TV series. His most recent project is a film titled “Fourth of July,” in which he played the role of actor, director, co-writer, and apparently, financier.

Louis C.K. Directed ‘Fourth Of July’

C.K. is set to release a new movie and attempt to reenter the good graces of the public. The disgraced comic announced via his official website on Friday that his new indie film, “Fourth of July,” which showed his hand in directing, would be available in “select theaters” in July.

Besides his role as director, C.K. also co-wrote the film with fellow comedian Joe List. List stars as a recovering alcoholic and jazz pianist in New York City. The film saw him confront his acerbic family on their annual Fourth of July vacation.

C.K. also starred in the film as List’s character’s therapist. Other characters include comedians Sarah Tollemache, Lynne Koplitz, Robert Kelly, Lynne Koplitz, Nick Di Paolo, and Tony V. The comedian revealed that he financed the entire project himself.

‘Fourth Of July’ Will Premiere On June 30

Louis C.K. at the 2016 Vanity Fair Oscar party

C.K.’s film release announcement came barely a year after the comedian won a Grammy award for Best Comedy Album for his stand-up comedy film, “Sincerely, Louis CK.” There he reportedly joked about his history of misconduct allegations which were previously brought to light.

Talking about his upcoming film, C.K. requested fans to request the movie at their local theaters. It will premiere at the Beacon Theater in New York on June 30. Screenings will closely follow it in Chicago and Boston on July 1 and 2. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it isn’t particularly sure whether any large-scale theaters like AMC would screen the film.

C.K. wrote, “We are still compiling and constantly adding to the list of theaters which I will post on the web page for the movie which is on my website. Also, if you would like ‘Fourth of July’ to play at a theater near you, please contact the theater directly and ask for it.”

C.K. Said Directing’ Fourth Of July’ Was A Pleasure

In the open letter to his fans, the comedian talked about how he and List decided on how to tackle the script of the film. He revealed that the story would be told from two different perspectives; one from a son trying to start his family and another from a father who was realizing his own mistakes with his children.

C.K. added that making and directing the film was “fun” for him, and “it was a real pleasure” for him to direct a movie without properly starring in it. “For me, it was fun as all fuck to direct and make a film again,” he said.

“Outside of my two scenes as Jeff’s therapist, which we shot first and got out of the way, for me, it was a real pleasure to direct without casting for the first time in many years,” he continued. “I felt able to look after the cast and focus on the look of the movie. Whether or not I did any of that properly is up to pretty much everyone but me. I am very pleased with the results and hope that folks enjoy ‘Fourth of July.’

Louis C.K. Was Accused Of Sexual Misconduct In 2017

Louis C.K. seen out and about in Los Angeles

During the #MeToo movement five years ago, several abusers in the industry, including Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, and Kevin Spacey, were ousted. Five women also accused C.K. of sexual misconduct.

The women, most of whom were fellow comedians, accused C.K. of masturbating in their presence. He admitted to the act and apologized; however, there was widespread condemnation from organizations like Netflix, 3Arts, and several other companies who cut ties with him.

Since then, he gradually returned to the live comedy circuit and released specials independently on his own website. These and his Grammy win caused no small controversy. Since 2017, when the accusations were made, C.K. has gone on to sell out Madison Square Garden eight times, make an Emmy-winning TV series, and several other accomplishments.

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