LSU Gymnast Olivia Dunne In Her Bikini Looks Cheeky In Handspring Fail

Olivia Dunne does a back handspring fail!

The Louisiana State University gymnast took to her TikTok account and posted a video of herself showing off one of her skills in gymnastics.

Gymnast Behavior

Olivia Dunne posing for the camera.
Instagram | Olivia Dunne

Fans know that Dunne is exceptionally well in her sports, and doing a handspring is not a challenge for her. Although, there are times when things don’t go her way.

The video saw Dunne standing on the sand just a few feet from the shoreline. She had her back to the camera, had her feet planted perpendicular to one another, and shoulder-width apart. The 20-year-old raised her arms while her hands formed “C’s” as she was about to jump.

Major Fail, But That’s Okay

Dunne bent both knees and folded forward, simultaneously extending both arms straight behind her body. She then forcefully swung her arms forward and up into the air.

The rapid movement created the required momentum to launch her legs high over her head in one smooth, controlled motion. But when she planted her hands on the ground, Dunne seemingly made a mistake and landed on her face instead. The athlete seemed fine though, as she quickly lifted her upper body while looking to the side and possibly laughing.

Still Looking Like A Beach Bombshell

Olivia Dunne posing for the camera.
Instagram | Olivia Dunne

The blonde beauty looked insanely stunning, however, in a checkered two-piece that did nothing but favors for her killer body. Her pink-and-white set included a top that looked like a bralette. The piece wrapped tightly around her ample assets and rib cage, while the narrow shoulder straps helped accentuate her toned arms.

Dunne wore matching bikini bottoms to complete her beach-day ensemble. The garment boasted a sexy cut that showed off her curvy hips and sculpted thighs. It also had a thick, curved waistband that fell low across her midsection, offering her audience a full view of her taut tummy and chiseled abs. Although, it seemed like the most eye-catching part of the swimwear was its thong design, which bared the gymnast’s perky backside.

The short clip was uploaded over the holidays, which Dunned described as “the season of giving” in the caption.

Fans Still Praise Livvy

Olivia Dunne smiling.
Instagram | Olivia Dunne

Despite the back handspring failure, many were still amused with Dunne. The footage earned more than 3.2 million views, in addition to over 307,000 likes. Countless fans also dropped compliments and praise, while others opted to express their admiration for the gymnast with their choice of emojis.

“Watching that stunt about twenty times and it’s still an optical migraine. 😂 Legs and arms everywhere! But I love your bathing suit,” one wrote.

“Don’t give up you’re doing great!” urged another admirer.

“Falling like I fell for you,” remarked the third commenter.

“Omg hilarious I was like no way she nails that in the sand lol,” added the fourth user.

So Flexible!

Olivia Dunne doing the standing split.
Instagram | Olivia Dunne

Dunne has proved many times in the past that she can nail the flip, even at the beach. As reported by The Blast, she did a perfect back handspring.

The stunner rocked a white bikini at the time as she ended the performance in perfect form.

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