Lyfe Jennings Once Crossed Paths With Jeffrey Dahmer And Sang For The Serial Killer

R&B singer Lyfe Jennings used to sing top 40 songs for serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer when they were locked up at the same time!

Lyfe Jennings Encountered Jeffrey Dahmer In Prison

Lyfe Jennings Crossed Paths With Jeffrey Dahmer, Sang For The Serial Killer

Lyfe Jennings was incarcerated for a serious crime at the age of 14. The singer and a group of friends set fire to a drug dealer’s house. Unfortunately, the dealer wasn’t home an unidentified female was and the charge quickly went from arson to manslaughter.

The two were locked up at the Columbia Correctional Institute in Portage, Wisconsin. Jennings, whose real name is Chester Jermaine Jennings broke down the encounter on social media. 

“One day, you know, we in maximum security and they like everybody against the wall, cause I was a porter in a little bridge where they put inmates and stuff like that. So they bring the white boy in, and it just so happened that they put him in the cell next to me. I’m out there sweeping and mopping.”

Dahmer was only there for a short time according to Jennings, which tracks because he was meant to move on to the prison he was later murdered by a fellow inmate. 

Lyfe Jennings Sang R&B For Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jennings took on light maintenance duty at the jail where he would sing while he swept and mopped the halls. 

“When i’d be sweeping up, I’d be singing. So a lot of times cats used to have requests or whatever while I was down there doing my thing,” remembers Jennings. 

“One particular day, I walked past & Jeffrey was like ‘hey, hey hey hey hey, yo that’s you down there singing?’ I’m like ‘yeah that was me down there singing, you see me down there man.’ So he was like ‘I like R&B’ I’m like ‘you like R&B?’ He’s like ‘yeah, yeah.’”

Dahmer inquired about the songs that the young Jennings knew. “You’d never guess what song he asked me did I know. Mint Condition ‘Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)’ He asked me did I know that record and I sang the record, he beated on the door and all this stuff. I ain’t saying the homie is a celebrity or nothing, I’m just telling you my experience man.”

The Jury Is Out On Lyfe Jenning’s Story

Many social media followers called the singer out for allegedly lying about the encounter to which the singer had a hilarious response. “Nobody gotta lie to yall. Yall still playin R.Kelly at ya kids’ pool party but mad at me.”

Jennings is probably just receiving backlash from viewers that are outraged that Netflix made a show about Dahmer as it has been accused of re-traumatizing the victim’s friends and family. 

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