MacGruber Returns as Will Forte Shares First Look at New Peacock TV Show

For fans of Saturday Night Live, the world of MacGruber will likely be a little bit familiar as a recurring skit that took a comedy shot at the better known drama MacGyver, which starred Richard Dean Anderson. While not being the most highbrow of comedy moments, the skit did go on to become a feature length movie in 2010 and is now filming as a TV series to be released on NBC’s Peacock streaming service. Star Will Forte posted an image of himself along with fellow stars Kristen Wiig and Ryan Phillipe on the set and clearly back in action.

If you still don’t recall the Will Forte movie, you could be forgiven for missing it. The movie arrived in cinemas having been filmed on a lowly $10 million budget with very little fanfare. It’s theatrical run effective ended three weeks later, when the week on week figures showed a 94% drop in audience numbers, leading to the movie not even making back its relatively small budget. Of course, this usually leads to a movie becoming an instant cult classic, and MacGruber was no different. There was talk of a sequel for quite a while afterward, but when a movie has lost money for the studio there are much easier tasks to attempt than getting another movie greenlit. So MacGruber went off quietly and it seemed like its glory days were well and truly over.

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What exactly changed is unclear, but somehow it was announced last year that the movie would be getting a follow up after all in the form of a MacGruber TV Show, and earlier this month, Will Forte, who plays the title character, announced on Late Night With Seth Meyers that filming was underway. He even gave fans a glimpse of what is to come by performing a reading from one of the episodes, and it was just as NSFW as you would expect. What is more incredulous is that as well as Wiig and Phillipe, they have somehow managed to rope in Laurence Fishburne, Mickey Rourke and Sam Elliott.

In the new image, Forte is pictured in his MacGruber garb in a hands on hips, legs spread power stance. This is mirrored by Kristin Wiig, flanking him on one side as Vicki Gloria St. Elmo, and Ryan Phillipe stands on his other side as Lt. Dixon Piper, with arms folded, making the threesome look ready for action. Behind them is an Albuquerque Police station, while the whole image is made all the more dramatic thanks to a glorious sunset acting as a backdrop. Phillipe commented on Forte’s post with the word, “Squad.”

With so many series’ struggling to gain more than one season on streaming platforms, there are questions around how and why the series has been able to go ahead, but one can only assume that there is a big enough following to warrant it. For fans of MacGruber and all he brings with him, the release of the image and a certainty that they will get to see Forte back on screens in more than just a short skit will no doubt make them giddy with excitement for the upcoming series which doesn’t have a set release date but is expected to arrive at the end of the year. This news first appeared at Collider.

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