MacGruber TV Show Teaser Announces 2021 Premiere on NBC’s Peacock

The long-awaited MacGruber TV show is officially happening at Peacock and wil arrived sometime in 2021. The new streaming service is bringing back Will Forte, who will reprise his iconic role as MacGruber and also write and executive produce. The Peacock series is an adaptation of the 2010 feature and cult favorite of the same title, which will also feature the original creative team behind the camera. Saturday Night Live fans have been waiting a long time to see Forte back as the beloved character.

After rotting in prison for over a decade, America’s ultimate hero and uber patriot MacGruber (Will Forte) is finally released. His mission: to take down a mysterious villain from his past – Brigadier Commander Enos Queeth. With the entire world in the crosshairs, MacGruber must race against time to defeat the forces of evil, only to find that evil… may be lurking within. In other words, the MacGruber series sounds like the perfect way to bring back Forte’s character.

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Jorma Taccone is on board to direct the MacGruber series, which is based on the iconic SNL skit and MacGruber movie. He first talked about it back in early 2019. At the time, Taccone revealed that he intended to have the series include “eight-to-ten episodes.” The director was nervous about announcing the series so early, but it proved to be the right move as it ramped up excitement for the upcoming series. As for when it will go into production, that is unknown at the moment, though early next year seems like a safe bet.

When it was initially announced that MacGruber 2 would become a TV Show, Kristen Wiig was attached to star opposite Will Forte. However, it is unclear if the actress will still be involved since the announcement only names Forte at the moment. Jorma Taccone previously noted that Wiig, along with Val Kilmer and Ryan Phillippe, all had excitement for the project, noting that they were all trading ideas back and forth. We’ll just have to wait and see if Wiig, Kilmer, and Phillippe decide to jump on board the MacGruber TV series. Forte gave an update on the series back in May. He had this to say.

“We did just an hour ago turn in our writer’s draft of the eighth of eight episodes. So, we’re excited about what we’ve written so far and, obviously, we are gonna go back through now and just keep rewriting each episode and making them tighter and funnier. We’re excited so far and hopefully soon we’ll get an official green light but things are looking good so far.”

Will Forte didn’t have to wait too long after his last update to get the official series order. Forte serves as writer and executive producer of MacGruber, alongside John Solomon and Jorma Taccone who will also direct. Lorne Michaels, John Goldwyn, Andrew Singer and Erin David also serve as executive producers. MacGruber is from Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group, and Broadway Video. The Peacock Twitter account was the first to announce the MacGruber news.

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