Mackenzie Dern And Paula Sack Flaunt Bodies In Skimpy Bikinis

UFC fighter and Jiu-Jitsu black belt Mackenzie Dern is currently spending some time in Rio de Janeiro following her loss against UFC fighter Yan Xiaonan at UFC Vegas 61 on Saturday, October 1.

Her most recent Instagram Stories with close friend Paula Sack are certainly grabbing the attention of her 1 million Instagram followers.

Mackenzie Dern and Paula Sack Spend Beach Time Together

Mackenzie Dern beach
Instagram | Mackenzie Dern

The Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace and journalist posed for a photo together as Dern wore a blue bikini and Sack wore a red one. Both women are showing off their toned legs while hugging one another on the sand in Rio De Janeiro.

The waves are crashing down on the beach behind them, making for a great backdrop to a great photo.

Paula Sack also shared a video to Instagram of herself in her red bikini, which shows off her assets, before panning the camera to reveal she is hanging out with friend and UFC fighter Mackenzie Dern.

The two girls can be seen laughing and hugging one another as their hair blows in the sandy winds of Rio De Janeiro.

Dern Shows Off Toned Legs While On Beach

In another Instagram Story, Mackenzie Dern showed off her toned legs while she was laying on the sand and soaking up some sun.

The video begins with an angle showing her tights and knees before the camera pans to the beach. Fans notice a Heinkein sitting next to Dern as she points the camera towards the ocean.

Dern Shows Off Booty Tattoo In Bikini

Mackenzie Dern in bikini
Instagram | Mackenzie Dern

In another post, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu ace can be seen smiling from ear to ear as she flaunts her booty, showing off her flower tattoo.

“Rainy days in cali! Missing the warm sun!,” she captioned the post, also tagging Luciana Franchini.

Fans and followers were quick to comment on the post. “If you have a free moment I need help picking my jaw up off the floor,” one user hilariously wrote as another chimed in with, “Yeah no one reading that caption.”

A third commented, “Perfect 😍 Come to João Pessoa, you won’t regret it. Heat, warm sea, lots of beautiful things and I’ll be your guide with pleasure 😂 @mackenziedern.”

Mackenzie Dern Visits Rio De Janeiro

Mackenzie Dern beach
Instagram | Mackenzie Dern

The UFC fighter grabbed the attention of her followers after posting the above photo of herself posing while laying on the beach in nothing but a skimpy string blue bikini. Dern is laying on her stomach, allowing for her booty to be in the air and on full display.

“Take a breath and ease my mind 😊,” Dern captioned the post, which has gained hundreds of comments including ones such as “Don’t ask me the color of nothing” and “I can’t take breath and my mind is not eased after seeing this.”

Another thought of a possible Mac Miller reference as they commented, “If this is a Mac Miller reference on his birthday, that would be really cool… If not, cool coincidence lol.”

Many others commented on the fact that Dern is now single, as one user wrote “I love single dern!”

Mackenzie Dern made headlines back in November 2022 after she confirmed her split from her husband, Wesley Santos.

“Yes, guys, I am single,” Dern said in an Instagram Q&A. “I have been single for a while now, a few months. Everything is good, we are taking care of our daughter. Hope you guys respect our decision to separate and grow apart. Thankful for everything I have had with Wesley and I wish him all the best in his life.”

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