Madonna’s Promo For Her Latest Album Is Actually Pretty Entertaining

Madonna has been an unexpected force on social media over the past few years. Despite reaching the height of her fame in the ’80s, the pop legend has seamlessly integrated herself into the world of online celebrities. Promoting her latest album release, Madonna has brought us unexpected laughs with a recent YouTube video.

’50 Questions With Madonna’

If you’ve seen any of Vogue‘s 73 Questions videos, then you get what they’re all about. An enthusiastic interviewer will very quickly ask devastatingly famous women—and sometimes men—73 rapid fire questions about their lives.

Instead of a traditional interview, the camera follows the interviewee around a unique set. The celebrity is usually engaged in another activity, just to enhance the conversational, off-the-cuff feel of the interview.

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However, very few people in this world would have 73 answers ready for 73 questions just off the top of their heads. So, these gorgeous, quirky interviews are also conspicuously rehearsed—that’s just part of the charm.

It seems like the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna, is also a fan of these interviews. So, in promoting her latest album, Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones, Madonna made a spoof of Vogue’s famous interviews. As she dramatically wanders her dazzling estate, a “sassy AI” delivers the rapid-fire questions.

Madonna Shines In An Unexpectedly Hilarious Interview

The video begins in her bedroom, but in classic “73 Questions” fashion, she just keeps moving. She wanders through her house, across a field, drives a golf cart, strolls through a stable, and even finds herself in a chicken coop.

Madonna’s answer to the first question, “Any recent book recommendations?” immediately sets the tone. “Have you read my sex book?” she asks in response. With that, they’re off. The AI interviewer alternates between questions about her personal life and career, just as Madonna answers sometimes with jokes and sometimes with deeper responses. The inability to predict which is coming next only enhances the experience.

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Six of the fifty questions, the first of which being “What is your greatest guilty pleasure?,” were answered with the same singular word: “Sex.”

Madonna hints that she’d like to experiment with house music, work with Britney Spears and Kendrick Lamar, and go on tour again. She teases new music videos and comments on the production of her upcoming biopic.

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She jokes that she doesn’t know her pets’ names, hates being asked questions, and has never heard a rumor about herself. Many of her responses are unexpectedly punctuated with cheesy video effects, making the video brilliantly campy. Overall, the promo is still just so Madonna. If one thing is guaranteed about the enigmatic popstar it’s that she never fails to leave you guessing.

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