Major Shifts Are Coming: Watch Out For These Powerful Lunar Events In 2022

The Sun might be the center of the universe, but the Moon is the center of our inner-verse (or inner selves). It’s important not to underestimate the Moon’s impact on our lives. 

The Moon influences our inner, emotional selves. Also known as our shadow self–this includes our innermost thoughts, feelings, and desires. So, when the Moon undergoes a major event, we might not notice its effects around us. Instead, we have to look for the lunar aftermath within us. 

From eclipses to supermoons, here are all of the major Moon events to watch out for in 2022.


The first new Moon of 2022 took place on January 2nd in Capricorn. New Moons are a time for reflection and reassessing, two of Capricorn’s favorite pastimes. You might have felt an increased motivation to regroup and plan for the future. 

Two weeks later, on January 17th, we experience the first full Moon of 2022. Unlike new Moons, full Moons activate and energize. During this part of the lunar cycle, the Moon heightens our clarity and understanding of the world around us. 

The insights you gain from a full Moon tend to be polarizing: either very good or very bad. Being in Cancer, this month’s full Moon is likely to highlight some emotional dust that needs cleaning.


February 1st ushers in a new Moon in Aquarius. This new Moon will technically be a new Supermoon, as the Moon (though dark) will be at its closest point to Earth for the month. Reflect on that which has been holding you back. What new environments are you craving? 

After this reflective period, we’ll see a full Moon in the 11th House under Leo. Our inner selves will be called to reconnect with our friends and community. But be cautious of Leo’s influence. Leo’s warm confidence can come across as brash arrogance if not kept in check. 

February will be a time to seek change and reconnect. Think about what has been serving you, and most importantly, what hasn’t been. Let go of toxic relationships and find new social circles to join.


The silhouette of a woman reaching towards a crescent shaped new moon

March will likely be an emotional time of year. A new Moon in Pisces on March 2nd pushes us headfirst into a sea of emotions. You might notice yourself feeling more melancholy than usual.

The emotions you feel early in the month will shake your inner foundation. A shake-up isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Instead, it’s a call to action. What about your day-to-day has been weighing heavy on your mind?

When the full Moon enters Libra on March 18th, it’ll be time to balance the scales. What you want your life to be and what it is are two different things. How can you better blend the two?


Don’t worry if you can’t muster the courage to change in March. A new Moon in Aries on April 1st will give us an extra dose of confidence. Just be careful that your “confidence” doesn’t bubble over into “aggressive arrogance.”

Another full Moon in Libra will help keep things balanced. Unfortunately, this balance might reveal itself as indecisiveness. Consider it the gust of wind that blows out Aries’ fiery influence.

We’ll close April with a solar eclipse in Taurus. Solar eclipses occur when the Moon stands between the Sun and the Earth. Internally, these are direct battles between our emotions and egos. They also often signify new beginnings.


Two weeks after April’s solar eclipse, a lunar eclipse occurs in the 3rd House under Sagittarius. Again, these eclipses signify some type of emotional confrontation. They also bring about endings and major turning points.

Use this time to assess your communication style. Is what you mean and what you say the same thing? Are other people misconstruing your intentions? These are all critical questions to reflect on before the month’s final new Moon. 

May closes with a new Moon in Gemini on May 30th. Gemini is notoriously finicky and indecisive. So, it’s essential to take the necessary time to reflect and regroup. Don’t blow off self-improvement for tomorrow.


A series of different phases of the moon, ending in a dark red moon
(Ramiro Martinez/

June ushers in a ton of lunar energy. First, there will be a full Supermoon in Sagittarius on June 14th. Sag will offer some much-needed inspiration to grow and expand.

A new Moon follows the Strawberry Moon on June 29th. This new Moon will reach its darkest phase in Cancer, the sign over which the Moon rules. Imagine all that lunar power amplified by Cancer’s emotional, moody energy.

This Moon-in-Cancer combo can make you feel like you’re on the front seat of an emotional rollercoaster. Try to stay grounded by focusing your attention outside of your immediate circle. Dive into a new work endeavor, or participate in something new within your community.


July’s full Moon takes place on July 13th under Capricorn. Capricorn is famously organized and hard-working, making them an excellent influence over the full Moon’s activating energy. Mid-July will be a great time for executing what you’ve been planning since January. 

Toward the end of July on the 28th, the Moon enters its darkest phase in the 11th House under Leo. During this time, you might struggle within your social circles. Try to determine whether this is out of your control or a direct result of your impossible-to-meet standards. 

July will be an excellent time to appreciate give-and-take. Don’t be fooled by all that Leo energy later in the month. No one is exempt from learning how to be a good follower.


We often associate Leo season with fire signs. But this August, our inner selves will be feeling the influence of Air and Earth. These opposing forces will soften Leo’s intensity and help you achieve a better balance between work and pleasure. 

On August 11th, a full Supermoon enters Aquarius. Aquarius is already an action-driven sign. Its influence is revolutionary, at times to a fault. While you might be tempted to tackle every new project, goal, or otherwise in August, try to remain grounded. 

A new Moon in Virgo on August 27th should help. By this point in the summer, you will have had ample opportunity to act on the Moon’s influence. As we transition into fall, assess how far you’ve come and how far you have left to go.


A full moon in a dark blue sky partially obscured by red leaves and tree branches
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Remember Pisces’ moody influence over the Moon in March? Buckle up for another round with this dreamy sign in September. The full Moon enters Pisces on the 10th, offering insight into our daily routines, mental health, and work schedules.

Pisces tends to be self-defeating to a fault. September’s full Moon might force you to confront the fact that you’re running yourself ragged. What’s the point of achieving professional success if you’re 100% burnt out by the time you get it? 

A new Moon in Virgo on the 25th will further emphasize what needs to be done. This reflective period takes place in the 12th House of Self-Undoing. Pore over your life carefully, looking for unassuming habits doing more harm than good.


Scorpio season always makes things a little weird, and this year is no exception. We start the season with a full Moon in Aries on October 9th. This takes place in the 8th House of Reincarnation, which Scorpio also rules. 

October will likely bring revelations about mortality and mental health. Stay aware of the danger of impulsivity. It might be thrilling at the time, but the aftermath can be anything but.

We end Scorpio season with a solar eclipse. Scorpio is all about power. Use its perceptive influence to propel you forward into a new chapter of your life. The perks will follow shortly after.


The start of a new chapter signals the end of another, which is especially true in November. On the 8th, a lunar eclipse occurs under Taurus, affecting shared investments and mental health.

Be wary of entering new financial commitments during this time. There’s nothing wrong with perusing your options, but late November won’t be conducive to prosperity. Rather, it would be wiser to slow things down, reassess, and regroup. 

A new Moon in Scorpio will help that cause on the 23rd. As families start to gather for the winter holidays, you might be hyper-aware of how much you hate being vulnerable. Try to open yourself up to the possibility of being seen.


The final month of 2022 starts with a full Moon in Gemini on December 8th. Expect significant cerebral changes during this time. The full Moon’s polarizing energy funnels into the 9th House of Philosophy, Travel, and Education. 

Use the Moon as a catalyst to shift your perspective and gain greater insight. New ideas and environments can be alarming at first, but a change of pace can do your mind some good.

A new Supermoon in Capricorn will close out the year, giving you a much-needed break to reflect on what you learned earlier in the month (and 2022 as a whole).

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