Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Have Had Some Nasty Rumors About Them

Mary-Kate Fears Divorce Will Expose Ashley’s Secrets

Mary-Kate filed for divorce earlier this year, bringing her five-year marriage to Olivier Sarkozy to an end. In Touch claimed that Mary-Kate was trying to expedite the “nasty” divorce to protect her sisters “bizarre” private world. She’s “petrified that Olivier will expose her and Ashley’s darkest secrets.” The tabloid promises dark secrets and “freaky photos” but never really gets any more specific than that.

If Mary-Kate held concerns over Sarkozy destroying her sister, a judge would have approved motions to protect her. Since no motion happened, we debunked the story. Plus, the alleged insider interviewed by the tabloid would need to be close enough to know these secrets, but still willing to sell the pair out. It’s more likely that no such source existed, and the whole story was made-up.

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