Maya Rudolph Plots SNL Return Following Kamala Harris VP Pick

Kamala Harris has been selected as the running mate alongside Joe Biden, who is expected to be the Democratic nominee in the election this November. Should Biden win, Harris will become the new vice president. Now, Maya Rudolph, who played the politician on Saturday Night Live, has responded to the news.

Maya Rudolph was in the middle of a virtual roundtable interview with several other Emmy nominees when the news broke. Rudolph scored an Emmy nod for her work as Kamala Harris on SNL. When the news broke, Rudolph responded with “Oh s***.” Once things cooled off, Rudolph had a more thorough response, suggesting she’s willing to reprise the role, assuming it can be worked out safely.

“I love going to the show. Any excuse I can get, I love. I just didn’t really anticipate traveling during… but if there’s anyone that can work it out I’m sure Lorne [Michaels] has some sort of invisible helicopter that can get me there.”

With the selection, Kamala Harris, a Senator from California, becomes the first Black and first Asian to be nominated for the office of vice president. Harris is the third woman to be nominated. Harris had been seeking the Democratic nomination for president herself before dropping out of the race late last year. Harris, prior to the pick, was seen as one of former Vice President Joe Biden’s top candidates for the position.

Social media was awash with reactions to the decision. Specifically, quite a few people made light of Maya Rudolph’s likely return to SNL. Quite a few also pointed out that this is probably going to mean a big payday for her. Speaking further, Maya Rudolph expressed her surprise at the pick, in addition to throwing in one of her catchphrases from the show.

“I’m as surprised as you are, guys. That’s spicy. I don’t know that I’m ready to go right this minute, but it’s so nice to have this nomination be associated with the show because it’s my true love.”

Even though Maya Rudolph ended her seven-year run on Saturday Night Live in 2007, she has maintained a strong relationship with the show. Aside from hosting the show, Rudolph has appeared on multiple occasions in the years that followed her departure as a full-time cast member. But Rudolph’s profile on the long-running sketch show got a major boost when she was tapped to portray Kamala Harris as the pool of Democrats seeking the presidential nomination widened.

Saturday Night Live intends to return to the studio for its upcoming season 46. The show did several at-home shows toward the end of last season. Even though they are expected to be back in-studio a studio audience likely won’t be part of the equation, so the dynamic will change. No premiere date has been announced by NBC, but it is expected to be back sometime in the fall. This news comes to us via Entertainment Weekly.

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