Meghan King Spills The Tea About Her Vegas Date With ‘Bachelorette’ Mike Johnson

The chemistry between “Real Housewives of Orange County” alum Meghan King and “Bachelorette” alum Mike Johnson was undeniable from afar, but what really happened behind the scenes of their setup Vegas date during the iHeartRadio Music Festival? King finally spilled the tea on the date that happened a few weeks ago on her most recent “Intimate Knowledge” podcast.

Mike Johnson and Meghan King

What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas

King revealed just what happened during and after the two reality stars enjoyed the weekend of the festival together in Vegas. Does the old saying, “Everything that happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” ring true in this case? King did a quick recap for her podcast guest, Heather McDonald, to catch her up to speed on the juicy gossip. Teddi Mellencamp also joined via phone for this segment of the episode.

I was set up with Mike Johnson by the team here on the ‘Intimate Knowledge’ podcast. It was kind of an experiment for the podcast,” she started her story. “I get set up, he flies into Vegas and we go on a date on Friday night and then on Saturday night we walk the red carpet together. And it was just kind of a see what will the media do with this. What’s gonna happen, are people gonna talk? And it worked. That’s exactly what happened.”

On Saturday night, Mellencamp also hung out with King and Johnson. King said, “I felt like I was a couple with Mike.” Mellencamp jumped in with her take. “I remember telling you in the restroom I can hear what he’s saying to you and all this but this is absolutely not going to be a long-term thing,” she said. “And you argued back with me. I think you called me purple or something and gave me an aura color.” King said she felt like they had a real connection, to which Mellencamp chimes in with, “Yeah, you may have a Vegas connection and that’s where I would leave it.”

Meghan King and Mike Johnson
Meghan King – Instagram

Meghan King Tried To Reconnect With Mike Johnson After The Vegas Weekend

The reality star then explains just what happened after the date ended on Saturday night. “The night ends, he goes back to his room, there’s no hooking up. The next morning he had to fly out early and I just felt bad. I was like I totally took over, like when we were walking the red carpet, I took over the interviews and I just felt kinda bad. I just really liked him,” she explained. “I get back to St. Louis and I feel bad so I FaceTimed him and I’m like, ‘Mike, I just wanted to tell you I gotta run, I’m going into lunch, but I really enjoyed my weekend with you. I feel it did start as this blind date setup but I really do have an honest connection with you, and I’m sorry if you ever felt emasculated or whatever. I just had to reach out and tell you that the way I acted was real.’”

Meghan King and Mike Johnson
Meghan King – Instagram

Later in the conversation, King said that the two tried to connect again but were having some trouble. “I get a text from him, a long text,” she said before she reads the text that says he only sees the two of them as friends. Mellencamp added, “I think he’s a really cute, nice guy. I think he came in for the opportunity. I didn’t see that moment I’m like, ‘Wow, I think Mike’s ready to settle down and have some kids.’” She also told King that he later reached out to her to see if she could help him get representation for soap operas.

“I gotta give him props. At least he was honest to me. I think most guys in this situation would have ghosted me completely,” King said. “That chapter is closed. Moving on.”

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