Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Having Relationship Problems?

It seems like there’s a new breaking story about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry almost every day in the tabloids. A year ago, one tabloid claimed Markle and Prince Harry were in the midst of serious relationship issues. A body language expert made the accusation after observing the couple on a Zoom call. Now, Gossip Cop is looking back to see how these relationship issues affected the Sussexes. 

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Hiding Marriage Issues? 

12 months ago, New Idea proposed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship issues were so bad they were impossible to hide. After a body language expert watched the couple’s interview on a Zoom call, they said, “subconscious body language displays are an indication of broader issues.” The expert made these assumptions after noticing that whenever Meghan spoke, “Harry immediately looks at the floor.”

Apparently, this body language indicated that Prince Harry was uncomfortable and proved “this is now the Meghan show, with Harry the side act.” The Zoom interview footage was a little grainy, so just how reliable is the story? Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle still struggling?

A Completely False Story 

The article didn’t make much sense when originally published, and it still doesn’t today. New Idea formulated this story from a single Zoom call and a so-called “body language expert” who most likely has never even met Harry and Markle before. Also, claiming the couple is having relationship issues based on a single Zoom call is a pretty broad assumption. And a large part of the assumption was because Harry kept looking down during the interview. 

Now, Prince Harry looking down could be any number of things. But, likely, he was just looking at the other members involved in the Zoom call. Essentially, this story was very dramatic and extremely exaggerated, to say the least. Gossip Cop doesn’t believe this story is true even in the slightest. 

Painting Meghan Markle As A Controlling Wife 

You’d think the “evil Meghan Markle” narrative would be exhausted at this point. But tabloids are constantly accusing Markle of being involved in some sort of drama. In 2020, the National Enquirer said Markle fled the UK with $100 million worth of jewelry from the royal family. Gossip Cop put the story to rest, as there was no evidence (or reason) for Markle to do such a thing.  

The same magazine also claimed Markle was a “pathological liar” and “bipolar narcissist” who was controlling Prince Harry’s every move. The story was not only false but extremely disrespectful and insensitive. The tabloids clearly have no boundaries when it comes to formulating a story. 

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