Melanie Martin Goes Off On Man Who Allegedly Took Advantage Of Late Aaron Carter

Melanie Martin has stepped out of her social media hiatus to voice her anger towards a man she claims took advantage of her late fiancé Aaron Carter. In a series of messages, she expressed her frustration and disgust towards the individual, accusing him of exploiting the late troubled star during a vulnerable time in his life.

Melanie Martin Is Taking No Prisoners In Defense Of Late Aaron Carter

Melanie Martin Goes Off On Man Who Allegedly Took Advantage Of Late Aaron Carter
Instagram | Melanie Martin

While the couple’s relationship was a tumultuous one, with the actor’s struggles with addiction and mental health issues being well-documented. The entrepreneur stood by his side through it all and has continued to honor his memory since his passing last year. 

The content creator has also sometimes alluded to the fact that her late beau was always being used by people around him, which has always angered her. Although she rarely responds to rumors, this time was different as she decided to vent on her Instagram story against a certain someone that might have accused her of theft.

It all started when an individual called Taylor, aka “Louie” — Aaron Carter’s Talent Manager according to his bio, wrote, “you sold his plaque you slimey piece of sh*t drop 💀,” on his story. Although he did not mention any names, Martin, deciding that he was referring to her, responded heatedly, writing:

“This man is disgusting! He took Aaron’s microphone 4 months ago from Aaron, and Aaron had me message him asking for it back, but he sold it for cash! I’m not staying silent anymore!!! Sick of this constant harassing me!!! Nobody sold his plaques there is fake plaques online, and people are saying I am selling them!!! I miss my fiance 💔 it’s not fair! [Sic].”

Melanie Martin Goes Off On Man Who Allegedly Took Advantage Of Late Aaron Carter
Instagram | Melanie Martin

Not done, she continued calling him out by exposing his borrowing habits, stating, “Also, this man try to borrow Aaron’s escalade, Bentley, and my BMW every other day it was disgusting 🤮 [Sic].” 

She noted that the songwriter had confided that he had to maintain good relations with him because of his gang affiliations. Martin added that they took advantage of him during his tour while alleging that Loui claimed to help him by arranging rehab but had a friend supply Carter with pills he already had a prescription for. 

She rounded up the message stating, “they tried to drug him up to steal all his money on tour!!!!” In another slide, she promised to come with receipts via screenshots where the “DWTS” alum told her to text the manager and ask him to return his $4000 microphone. 

The actress disclosed that she told Carter she would call the police, but he told her it was a lost cause. The former bartender noted that she came across videos of the man talking negatively about her while sitting in a sports car borrowed from another individual, which he had used to pose on Instagram. 

Melanie Martin Goes Off On Man Who Allegedly Took Advantage Of Late Aaron Carter
Instagram | Melanie Martin

She pointed out that he had just borrowed the escalade months ago, and she had to help him call Triple-A to assist him when it broke down. In a final slide at the end of her tirade, she expressed fear for her life, writing, “Call the FBI on this man Aaron told me he was a gang desciple and he sent me a 💀 threat [Sic].”

‘Only Fans’ Star Reveals Warning From ‘Blacklisted’ Singer Before His Death

Grief often lingers long after a loved one’s passing, as is the case with the model who lost her fiancé, Aaron Carter. The Blast noted that she divulged that something he had warned her about before his death only became clear to her after he was gone.

Although their relationship had its ups and downs, she and her late beau also shared some beautiful moments together. Perhaps as a form of healing, she took to posting pictures and videos of their time together on her Instagram, including a recent photo of the singer.

The collage featured Prince and his father together, with the musician holding the young child in his hands and giving him a kiss. Beneath that was a side-by-side snap of the father-son duo. 

As the music played, she wrote, “My love is gone, and he warned me about everyone. I didn’t listen to him all the time, and he was the only one who cared about me and protected me. Ily forever 💔.”

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