Melanie Martin Recalls Heartwarming Moment Involving Aaron Carter’s Song

It’s still a bittersweet period for Melanie Martin since losing her boyfriend Aaron Carter — with whom she shares a son named Prince — but with each day that passes, she dutifully shares heartfelt moments involving him. 

Melanie Martin Captures Brief Aaron Carter Moment

The “I Could Never Be Your Woman” star’s deceased lover, as we all know, was found dead on November 5, 2022, in his Lanchester, California home at age 34. As such, Martin has made a point to keep her ex-finacée’s memory alive and fresh in the hearts of her social media followers.

This leads her to trumpet her social app with throwback memories and tear-jerking tributes in honor of the actor. On Thursday, May 10, in the same vein, the mother of one took to her Instagram to reveal a video of herself in a large grocery store with 222 thousand followers.

However, that wasn’t the view she wanted them to see; instead, she was trying to make them hear the song playing in the background. Before the clip ended, fans could see the gliding white tiles and stocked-up aisles of drinks and other groceries as the OnlyFans star walked through the stores.

In addition, the Instagram post revealed the high ceilings with multiple vents and fluorescent lighting fixtures. Though the inaudible music playing was challenging to establish, Martin made it known over the position that it belonged to the late father of one. She wrote, “Right when I get to the store, his song comes on 🤍.”

The pain of losing the “I Want Candy” crooner will always remain a stab in the heart of the media personality, who evoked heartwarming memories on the six-month anniversary of his untimely demise.

In Carter’s honor, the online influencer took to her page to share a heartfelt tribute in the form of a reel with pictures of herself and the late singer having fun and being inseparable in several locations, presumably photoshoots. 

The “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It)” filmmaker was also seen cradling their tiny tot, Prince as a newborn and playing with their dog at their baby shower. The song “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Ray kept playing in the background as the “Jacob’s Trouble” actress added images of herself with her late baby daddy hugging each other with so much love.

In the emotional post’s caption, she wrote, “6 months ago, I lost the love of my life 🦋😪💔.” On her IG Story, the OnlyFans model followed up with a screenshot of a Facetime call between Carter and his best friend, Marie Catherine Huntley, which she tagged, “6 months since our last Facetime 😞.”

See Aaron Carter & Melanie Martin's 1-Year-Old Son Recognise His Numbers
Instagram | Melanie Martin

In the same report, we read about how Martin reacted when the “House of Carters” star’s cause of death was made public. Similarly, Martin shared a poignant tribute, featuring an image of a small cross- with a small symbol of his name, birth and death’s date, and his signature, “Love,” in the center- placed in the front lawn of the late actor’s home.

The Symbolic image and the accompanying caption, “My Love 💔,” spoke volumes about her feelings.

Martin & Carter’s Son’s Impressive Ability To Recognize Numbers

Away from the tear-jerking posts she shares to get closure, the actress does a remarkable job raising her one-year-old son as a single parent, even when daunting.

Last month, the former bartender had a proud mom moment when she took to her Insta story and shared a video of her little one demonstrating his extraordinary ability to recognize numbers at such a young age. 

The young child in the clip donned a blue Reebok shirt over denim shorts and walked over to his doting mom, who was holding a playing block with a figure on it. After that, Martin asked him what numbers were on several squares, and Prince responded correctly.

In the end, the proud mom held up the number eight, but instead of answering as he had done for the others, he took the square figure from her and placed it in a larger one, then continued to play with the toys. This reaction caused Martin to laugh instead of forcing a reply from him.

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