Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth’s Breakup One Year Later: Fact Vs. Fiction

Miley Cyrus Wanted Liam Hemsworth Back?

Last November, Star alleged that Cyrus was trying to win Hemsworth back. The tabloid purported that the singer “missed” her former spouse and wanted to reconcile with the Australian actor. A supposed insider told the outlet Cyrus was “sorry about the way things went down, and she’d like to give their marriage another go. She knows she’s been crazy lately, but deep down, she loves Liam.” At the time, Cyrus had already developed a relationship with Cody Simpson, but the magazine asserted that Simpson was just a “plaything.” However, Gossip Cop had learned this wasn’t true. Cyrus’ relationship with Simpson was a real thing and the singer didn’t regard Simpson as a temporary stopgap. Plus, we checked with our own source close to the situation, who confirmed the story was fabricated.

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