Mindy Kaling Subjected To Ozempic Rumors After Flaunting Slim Figure At Award Show

Screenwriter and TV producer Mindy Kaling is getting judged by fans after revealing her new figure on social media.

Kaling, who achieved a major milestone after getting recognized at the Producers Guild Awards, was thrilled to share her success with the public on Instagram. However, overzealous fans were quick to point out that her mindblowing weight loss was too good to be true.

Mindy Kaling Is Labeled As Ozempic User After Showing Off Slim Figure

“The Mindy Project” alum appears to have been a victim of online bullying for flaunting a new look different from what the public is accustomed to. 

Mindy Kaling 2023 Producers Guild Awards ArrivalsMindy Kaling 2023 Producers Guild Awards Arrivals

Taking to her Instagram account to share with her 6.4 million followers a glimpse of her commendable success, Kaling posted a carousel of two snaps featuring herself looking stunning as she graced the Producers Guild Awards event.

“The Office” actress looked breathtaking dressed in a figure-hugging black mermaid cut dress complete with a plunging sweetheart neckline. Kaling looked more slender than ever, flaunting her slimmed midsection, thinner arms and her collar bone more obvious.

She complimented her eye-catching dress with a glittering diamond necklace and earrings. The six-time Emmy winner wore her long tresses in waves over one of her shoulders and went for a standard makeup look.


Opening up about her big win in the caption, she wrote, “I was so nervous to receive the Norman Lear Prize for Achievement in Television at the Producers Guild Awards last night that I took zero pictures, so here is what I found online.”

She further revealed that she had an “unforgettable” evening and praised her best friend, writing, “My best friend @bjnovak gave the most stunning tribute and I was surrounded by everyone I love.”

Addressing her profession as a comedian and producer, she added, “This job is wonderful but also tough, and it meant the world to me to be able to reflect on my career, the people who took a chance on me, and why I love making TV.”

“Also to be associated with Norman Lear as a working comedy writer is unreal, the man created Maude for God’s sake. Will definitely post more as I find pics-gonna get real PGA-y on here! ❤️,” the actress gushed.

Although her post garnered over 190,000 likes and received heartfelt comments from her supporters, several online trolls made unfound rumors about Kaling’s look. One wrote, “Now, please stop hoarding diabetic meds from those who need it.” Another observed, “So sad we are entering the new pro-ana era and you are part of it Mindy. O z e m…”

A third implied that the actress was monitoring her comment section, they wrote, “Censoring O z e m*** comments 👎👎 we know Mindy.”

A rather displeased fan also wrote, “Another celeb on O z e m p i c 👎👎👎 and filtering comments too! 👎👎👎.”


Unsatisfied with calling the “Late Night” star out on Instagram, others took to Twitter to continue trolling the actress. An individual wrote, “Mindy Kaling puts a certain, O to ozempic.” While another quipped, “I want what Mindy Kaling has (Ozempic).”

Kaling Has Always Been Vocal About Her Weight Loss Journey

Despite the reaction to Kaling’s new slimmer look, the talented screenwriter, who has often talked about being bullied during her younger years because of her weight, has been open about her weight loss journey.

Per reports, the losing weight started for the Massachusetts native in high school. In her first memoir titled “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?”she wrote about creating a “makeshift diet formula” in high school after a classmate told her she would “be really pretty if you lost weight.”

Mindy Kaling 2023 Producers Guild Awards ArrivalsMindy Kaling 2023 Producers Guild Awards Arrivals

As a result, she only ate half of what meal that was given to her and skipped desserts. An excerpt of the book reads, “Without exercising, I lost thirty pounds in about two months. I remember waking up in the morning and looking down at my fingers and seeing they had shrunk overnight.”

The “Never Have I Ever” creator continued, “Suddenly I was freezing all the time, like those skinny girls in movie theaters are always complaining about, and needed to sleep with an extra wool blanket. My face thinned out, and my belly went away. … I thought [my bully] Duante would finally leave me alone, but he didn’t.”


However, the Dartmouth College alum changed her perspective on weight loss and dieting when she welcomed her children, Katherine and Spencer. She noted that in the past before an award show, she performed a juice fast or stopped eating certain types of meals.

However, she now opts for moderation, “I’m never going to stop being a foodie. I’m never going to be someone who can just have spinach and salmon every day. I just am really for the first time in my life, trying moderation, and I love it.”


As for exercising, Kaling prefers to be more active throughout the day instead of doing chunks of exercises in the beginning of the day or none at all.

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