Mission: Impossible 7 Filming Is Back on Track After Several Delays

It appears that the Mission: Impossible 7 production is back to work. Tom Cruise was spotted in Norway working with a stuntman. Both men have protective masks on their faces while practicing. Like almost all of the big Hollywood productions from this year, the upcoming action thriller was shut down for months as the world grappled with the public health crisis. However, the Mission: Impossible 7 production has run into other trouble along the way that has had nothing to do with the public health crisis.

Tom Cruise and the unidentified stuntman are shown in images harnessed on the roof of a train. They are working on a fight scene, but other than that, there is no other information since the images are taken out of context. Cruise allegedly spoke to the crew about the scene in question before giving it a trial run. The actor and the rest of the crew are more than likely to be back to work after a five-month delay.

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Mission: Impossible 7 came under fire earlier this week when it was reported that Tom Cruise paid to have some cruise ships brought into Norway to keep the cast and crew together in a protective bubble. While that sounds smart because of what’s going on in the world, two Norwegian unions have reported the company who owns the ships to the police, alleging that they are using low minimum wages for the Filipino workers. As of this writing, the report has not yet been confirmed officially or addressed by the studio or production team.

Before the cruise ship drama, Mission: Impossible 7 came under fire for an incident involving a historic bridge. Director Christopher McQuarrie recently addressed the issue stating, “At the very start of the film’s pre-production, we had a rough concept for a sequence involving a bridge over a body of water, ideally one that could be (spoiler alert) partially destroyed.” McQuarrie goes on, “While we doubted such a thing would be possible, a broad search was initiated in the unlikely event that any country anywhere in the world might have a bridge that needed getting rid of. Some lovely people from Poland responded with enthusiasm. They just happened to know of a non-functioning railroad bridge in an area that suited our purposes. And, better yet, the area in question was eager to promote tourism.”

However, the Polish bridge in question ended up having some activists come out to protect it. In particular, it appears one person did not want the bridge to be destroyed and may have had a problem with Mission: Impossible 7. Christopher McQuarrie says, “After harassing members of our production publicly and anonymously on social media, as well as privately, this individual misrepresented our intentions and concealed their personal reasons for wanting to penalize us.” As to whether or not the bridge stunt will happen now, that is unclear. You can check out the images of aforementioned fight scene above, thanks to the Tom Cruise FY Twitter account.

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