‘My Unorthodox Life’ Star Julia Haart Hits Hubby Silvio Scaglia With Hefty $275M Lawsuit

More trouble for Julia Haart’s estranged husband Silvio Scaglia as she files a $275 million lawsuit against him.

The fashion designer and former CEO of Elite World Group was married to the Italian billionaire for nearly three years before filing for divorce in February 2022. Haart had worked alongside Scaglia before he purchased Elite World Group in 2011, later designating her as CEO after they tied the knot in 2019.

As an aftermath of their protracted divorce fight and her dismissal from the role, the “My Unorthodox Life” star filed a complaint on Friday against her ex-business partner, claiming that she was defrauded of major stocks and earnings from their companies.

The Lawsuit

Julia Haart with husband Silvio Scaglia
Instagram/Julia Haart

According to People, Haart filed a 45-page lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court, detailing how her estranged husband defrauded her out of their businesses, namely Elite World Group (EWG) and parent company Freedom Holding, Inc. (FHI).

She alleged Scaglia requested her to take over as CEO of EWG in June 2019 and proposed that EWG should pay a management fee of 2% of yearly income to the parent company, in which they would be equal partners rather than her receiving a salary from the firm.

“Haart reasonably relied on Scaglia’s representations. Not only had they worked together for a number of years, but the two also were engaged to be married at the time,” the lawsuit revealed. “Haart agreed to this arrangement in part out of love for her fiancé, who she knew needed cash on a day-to-day basis, but also based on Scaglia’s representation that the shares he was transferring would make her a full 50 percent owner of FHI.”

‘A Pack of Lies’

Julia Haart with husband Silvio Scaglia
Instagram/Julia Haart

The fashion designer stated that she had no notion that “Scaglia’s representations to her concerning her ownership and control of FHI were all a pack of lies” and that he had concocted the ploy to dupe her into believing they would be equal partners.

She alleged in the lawsuit that he had carried out his scheme by revising FHI’s articles of incorporation to place himself as the owner of the preferred shares of the company’s stock before transferring 50% to her. While the shares were valid, they granted her no control over the company, leaving her with “no ability to prevent Scaglia from taking all of the money paid by EWG for Haart’s valuable services as CEO for himself.”

Haart’s lawsuit also named Elite World Group’s Group Chief Executive Officer Paolo Barbieri and Jeffrey Feinman from accounting firm DDK & Company as defendants, alluding that they helped Scaglia carry out the scheme.

Julia Haart Wants Compensation

Julia Haart with husband Silvio Scaglia
Instagram/Julia Haart

The fashion designer felt that as a result of Scaglia’s actions, she had lost millions of dollars in income, benefits, and perks, as well as having no influence over the firms, and she has asked the court to assist her in obtaining restitution.

“Haart’s indentured servitude must be remedied,” the complaint claimed. “It cannot be that a man can convince his wife to give up millions in dollars in salary and benefits, plus an employment contract at the peak of her career, and then leave her with nothing when his bait-and-switch is revealed.”

Scaglia’s attorney, Lanny J. Davis, disputed the claim in a statement to People in reaction to the litigation. “She has refiled claims that have already been ruled on by a Delaware judge who rejected them. She doesn’t own 50 percent of Mr. Scalia, or Freedom or any of the company’s assets,” Davis told the publication.

What About The Divorce?

Julia Haart with husband Silvio Scaglia
Instagram/Julia Haart

Haart and Scaglia’s relationship had deteriorated for months before the female entrepreneur filed for divorce. According to Page Six, the couple’s marital problems made the media rounds in December 2021, when insiders indicated they were still working together but no longer close.

Following Haart’s divorce filing in February, the ex-lovers have slammed each other with varying legal cases. The reality star first filed a restraining order against Scaglia, who in turn sued her for illegally taking $850,000 from a company bank account after she was fired from her role as CEO.

Before Haart’s recent claim of being cheated of business stocks and shares, the Italian billionaire also filed charges against Julia for misusing corporate money for trivial purposes such as shopping and plastic surgery.
According to The New York Post, the pair’s divorce proceedings will resume on Monday at Manhattan Supreme Court, with Haart scheduled to testify.

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