NBA Reporter Takes BRUTAL Face Plant Fall During Post-Game Interview

Los Angeles Clippers sideline reporter, Kristina Pink, took a nasty face-first spill during a post-game interview and the incident was caught on live TV!

In the shocking video, Pink is seen wrapping up an interview with Clippers star, Amir Coffey, following Sunday’s game with the Atlanta Hawks. But, after finishing the questions, the reporter slams face-first into the hardwood floors. If you watch closely, it appears the reporter slips on either sweat or something else wet on the floor and has no time to break her own fall. It is brutal.

Interestingly, Pink comments on Coffey’s post-game look and tells him to go ahead and “dry off” following the interview. At first, it’s unclear why she mentions it.

NBA Reporter Takes NASTY Fall After Slipping On Wet Court!

NBA Reporter Face Plants In BRUTAL Fall During Post-Game InterviewNBA Reporter Face Plants In BRUTAL Fall During Post-Game Interview

But, as you can imagine, several people rushed to Kristina’s side to make sure she wasn’t injured during the fall. But, like a true professional Pink shook it off and continued working after appearing to laugh shortly following the incident. A post-game celebration appears to be the cause of the fall.

“For everyone asking, I’m ok [heart emoji]. There was water on the court… Appreciate all the messages,” Pink tweeted following the incident. Fans of the reporter flooded social media with reactions to the stunning video, with one person writing, “Phew, it looked kinda serious. You landed hard. I hope you told everyone not to say something because it was weird that we weren’t told a thing during the post-game show. Like, just tell us she’s okay!”

Another added, “Shame on the dudes who were just standing there looking,” after seeing that not everyone rushed to her aid. “Held on to the mic. Probably won’t miss a shift,” another reporter said.

See The Shocking Video!

According to one report, water from a squirt bottle might have been the culprit in the incident. Eye-witnesses say that NBA players Reggie Jackson and Terence Mann celebrate with their teammates by squirting liquid from their water bottles over his head — leaving a puddle at his feet. It makes sense, considering Pink’s comments to Coffey about drying himself off following the questions. Also, based on the violent fall, we are guessing it wasn’t just a little bit of sweat.

Pictures surfaced on social media of the two players pouring the water over Coffey’s head — and it’s a TON of liquid.

L.A. Clippers Players Dumping Water In Celebration Causes Slippery Court

NBA Reporter Face Plants In BRUTAL Fall During Post-Game InterviewNBA Reporter Face Plants In BRUTAL Fall During Post-Game Interview

It should be noted, Pink also works for FOX covering NFL games, and is a fan favorite. As you can imagine, this could have been a lot worse. As for Coffey, he tied his career-high points with 21. The Clippers won the game 106-93.

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