Netflix Strikes Gold With New Comedy, ‘Beef,’ As The Show Receives Perfect Score On Rotten Tomatoes

Beef,” the newest comedy series on Netflix, has scored the highly coveted 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The series follows the characters of Steven Yeun and Ali Wong as a road rage incident affects their lives.

Film critics have highly applauded the show, with comments like it being “wickedly funny” and “wonderful.” Fans also took to Twitter to praise the writing, storytelling, and actor’s performances, calling them “excellent.”

“Beef” was produced by award-winning film studio A24 and written by South Korean writer Lee Sung Jin. Jin recently revealed the film was inspired by his real road rage experience, which wasn’t as wild as the film.

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‘Beef’ Scored 100% On Rotten Tomatoes

Netflix Strikes Gold With Hit New Comedy, 'Beef,' As The Show Receives Perfect Score On Rotten Tomatoes

Netflix recently premiered a new comedy series, “Beef,” which has now scored a perfect 100% on the popular film review site Rotten Tomatoes. The ten-episode series follows two strangers who get into a road rage incident that affects their lives.

In the series, Steven Yeun plays the role of Danny Cho, and Ali Wong plays Amy Lau. Cho is a contractor going out of business with a bad attitude, while Lau is a self-made businesswoman with a seemingly perfect life.

Netflix’s official synopsis for “Beef” reads, “The increasing stakes of their (Cho and Lau) feud unravel their lives and relationships in this darkly comedic and deeply moving series.” It also stars Young Mazino, Joseph Lee, and David Choe.

Film Critics Applaud ‘Beef’

Since its debut, “Beef” has been praised by tons of film critics, especially for its superb writing and acting. Per Daily Mail, Ann Marie Hourihane from The Independent called the actors’ performance “wonderful” and wrote that she’d watch it even if it wasn’t her job.

Benji Wilson from The Telegraph called “Beef” the “best new series of the year so far.” He also wrote, “Wong and Yeun are both superlative from the first scene and the script is terrific too: wickedly funny, deft and smart.”

In her review for Salon, Melanie McFarland wrote, “One day in the future academics may view Beef as a convincing TV distillation of the early 21st-century’s collective mood, a lingering and worsening state of society-wide pandemic anger.” She added that the series “channels the spectrum of fury as wildly, beautifully and crazily.”

Fans Rave About The Show On Social Media

Netflix’s viewers have also heavily praised “Beef” on social media. A Twitter user wrote, “I’m soooo happy people are watching and loving #Beef. It’s truly one-of-kind, never-seen-before, and show-stopping. The greatest example of storytelling as therapy. Obsessed to say the least.”

Another comment read, “I just finished #BEEFNetflix #beef and wow. One of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. Amazing performances all around. Yeun and Wong are fantastic. Funny, thrilling and anxiety inducing. What a show. Netflix has a WINNER.”

More fans shared that the series is so good that it deserves to sweep the next Emmy Awards, especially for Yeun and Wong’s performances. One such tweet read, “BEEF is excellent. Emmys for Steven, Emmys for Ali, Emmys for everyone involved. I’m so serious.”

‘Beef’ Was Inspired By A Real Incident

Netflix Strikes Gold With Hit New Comedy, 'Beef,' As The Show Receives Perfect Score On Rotten Tomatoes

“Beef” was produced by A24, who also produced hit films like “The Whale” and “Everything Everywhere All At Once.” The series was also written by popular South Korean writer “Lee Sung Jin,” who recently revealed he was inspired by a real experience.

Jin shared with Today that he actually had a road rage incident but stressed that it wasn’t as wild as the series. He shared that it started with the other driver “honking and cursing” at him, but “for some reason,” he decided to tail the person for several miles as he was on his way home.

Jin laughed as he recalled the experience and said he was sure the other driver felt he was “a wild lunatic stalking him.” He added, “Here we are in our literal bubbles that you drive around in and very much trapped in our subjective realities. And so I thought that it’d be fun to explore.”

All ten episodes of “Beef” are now available to stream on Netflix!

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