New Ebola Rex Trailer Turns Los Angeles Into JurasSick Park

Last week we warned that the makers of Angry Asian Murder Hornets and 5G Zombies were up to something devious. It was later revealed that they will be closing out their summer 2020 trilogy of craziness with the ultimate dino-slasher Ebola Rex. Shot in the same amount of time it takes to get a bloodied Florida Man off the hood of your semi-truck, the full trailer for Ebola Rex has washed up out of the sewer. Get your mask on, slide into those rubber gloves, and prepare for the most Drive-In movie of a summer built on Drive-in movies.

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During a “Dino Lives Matter” protest, a captive Tyrannosaurus Rex is injected with the Ebola Virus by a crazed protester and escapes a lab to wreck havoc in Southern California. It’s up to an obsessed, renegade Soldier (Ken May, “RoboWoman”) to stop it.”

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Starring Mel Novak (Bruce Lee’s Game of Death), Mike Ferguson (Moon of The Blood Beast) and Erik Anthony Russo (Angry Asian Murder Hornets). From the Creators of Angry Asian Murder Hornets and 5G Zombies. Available September 1st on VOD and DVD from SCS Entertainment.

5G Zombies and Angry Asian Murder Hornets were based on real-life stories ripped directly from the headlines and sensationalized for the utmost in goofy horror. Ebola Rex is taking it a step further, venturing into territory that certainly could become real. Around the time of production, a story started to circulate that science was ready to clone real-life dinosaurs between now and 2025. That hasn’t happened yet, but we’re getting there.

Ebola Rex also shot into production, and is arriving this fall as news spread that Jurassic World 3: Dominion had paused production, and has been delayed. Here’s something to fill in the gaps, as Sam Neill, original star of the first Jurassic Park, announced that he is finally putting his hat on this week and returning to the Dominion set as production resumes filming with the principle actors.

The 5G Zombies trailer arrived during the first leg of lockdowns in the U.S. to cash in on quarantine fears across the country. The movie debuted May 1, culled together from footage shot by actors at home along with an old zombie movie. The story sees the human race struggling to survive as governments have conspired to turn the citizens of the world into zombies via their new 5G cell service.

Angry Asian Murder Hornets revolves around a fictional invasion of giant, mutated Murder Hornets in Southern California. It’s up to the local Anthropologist to find a way to destroy them before it’s too late, which looks easier said than done in this modern throwback to the 1950’s era giant critter flicks. It arrived on June 1, just one month after 5G Zombies was released. If that tells you how fast these guys have been pumping these cheese balls out for consumption.

Ebola Rex, arriving on September 1, had a little bit more time in production. Perhaps it will be the crowning achievement in this trilogy of true terrors. Maybe the gang behind these crazy direct-to-VOD experiments can make Florida Man: The Movie next. You know someone is going to. Just cull all the found footage of Florida Man viral videos and string it into a pastiche like these other outings and voila, instant hit.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb

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