New Ruth Bader Ginsburg Documentary Is Now Screening for Potential Buyers

A new documentary on Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is on the way. Titled Ruth, the movie is said to be screening currently for potential buyers. This comes just days after Ginsburg, a longtime, trailblazing Supreme Court Justice, passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer at the age of 87. If things go as planned, it will be released sooner rather than later.

According to a new report, Ruth was recently completed and is now being screened virtually, seeking a potential buyer. The hope is that a buyer will be found that will allow for the movie to be released before the upcoming U.S. presidential election in November. There is no word yet on who may be in the running to scoop up the rights but a major streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon seems like the safest bet. Oscar-winner Freida Lee Mock (Maya Lin: A Clear Strong Vision, Anita: Speaking Truth to Power) serves as co-writer and director of the documentary. Mock wrote the movie with Mike Aguilar. Mock had this to say about it in a statement.

“I especially hope that the younger generation, through the film, will understand how much the U.S. Supreme Court, through its legal rulings, can affect their intimate daily lives and will appreciate the importance of being attentive to legal issues as citizens and voters.”

Ruth is said to blend archival footage, animation and illustrations to tell the story of Ginsburg. It will also feature an original score by Grammy-winning composer Lili Haydn. An early version of the movie was previously screened at the AFI Docs festival last year. Its accomplished team of executive producers includes Geralyn Dreyfous. Sandra Lee, Regina K. Scully, Barbara Dobkin, Danielle Summer Mark and Cara Kennedy Cuomo, daughter of New York governor Andrew Cuomo. Lee had this to say.

“Justice Ginsburg forged a path for all women and will always be the gold standard we must strive to emulate.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was appointed to the Supreme Court by Bill Clinton in 1993 and was a notorious advocate for women’s rights. She was only the second woman to ever serve on the court. Ruth will follow in the footsteps of 2018’s RBG, which was directed by Julie Cohen and Betsy West. The movie was met with widespread acclaim and went on to earn an Oscar nomination in the Best Documentary Feature category. Felicity Jones also starred as Ginsburg in the biopic On the Basis of Sex, which was also released in 2018. Mimi Leder directed the movie.

The passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg came as a shock to the nation. Ginsburg’s death leaves a vacancy on the Supreme Court at a crucial time with the election coming up. But it has also led to a huge spotlight being shined on the massive legacy she leaves behind. As such, Ruth could prove to be a huge hit for whoever secures the rights. This news comes to us via The Hollywood Reporter.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb

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