Nick Cannon Claims Nicole Scherzinger Is The ONLY Woman He’s Ever ‘Chased’: ‘I Gave Her Bible Verses’

Nick Cannon recently opened up about his past relationships and shared details about his pursuit of former girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger on “The Jason Lee Show.” The rapper shared that the former PussyCat Doll is the only woman he has ever “chased.”

Cannon also addressed rumors about getting back together with ex-wife Mariah Carey, stating that they are now best friends and focused on co-parenting their children. During the interview, the comedian talked about his large family and said he is content with the number of children he has now and has no plans to have more.

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Nick Cannon Says He Gave Nicole Scherzinger A ‘Custom Bible’

Nicole Scherzinger

In a recent episode of “The Jason Lee Show,” Nick Cannon, the host of “The Masked Singer,” revealed that the only woman he ever “chased” romantically was his co-star, judge Nicole Scherzinger.

When Scherzinger’s picture came up during a game of Smash or Pass, Cannon confessed that he used to be deeply in love with the former Pussycat Dolls member. “I was so in love with Nicole. That’s probably the only woman I’ve ever chased. I chased her. I gave her Bible verses. I gave her a custom Bible because she’s very spiritual and super into Christianity,” he revealed, per Insider.

However, despite his efforts, Scherzinger was not interested in a relationship with him at the time. “She was like, ‘I’m not messing with you. You toxic.’ I chased her for years. The Bible is what got me in,” the famous father added.

Nick Cannon Praises Nicole Scherzinger’s Talent

Nicole Scherzinger at The Recording Academy And Clive Davis' 2020 Pre-GRAMMY Gala

Cannon also spoke highly of Scherzinger’s talents and character. He praised her vocal abilities and acting skills, saying, “First of all, super talented. The world hasn’t seen how talented. Vocally, she’s incredible, but her acting, her humor, her impressions.”

“She’s just a good person. Like, one of them people that don’t say bad things about nobody. You see her — she cries every episode of ‘Masked Singer,’” he added.

In a 2014 interview with Power 106’s “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” YouTube channel, the rapper revealed that Scherzinger was among the many famous people he had slept with. However, the two currently work together on the hit show “The Masked Singer.” Scherzinger serves as one of the judges on the panel, while Cannon hosts the show.

Nick Cannon Says It Will Be ‘Too Difficult’ To Rekindle Romance With Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon at FOX 2022 Upfront

During his appearance on “The Jason Lee Show,” Cannon was asked if he had any plans to rekindle his romance with pop diva Mariah Carey. The rapper responded, saying, “Never experienced that level of love from anyone, but that was over a decade ago and we are like the best of friends now.”

“I feel like with all of the madness and shit I’ve accumulated… I think it would be too difficult. One, I believe she’s in a relationship and she’s happy. I don’t want to disturb,” he added.

He explained further, “At the same time, I feel like for our children, which is the best thing and the thing that we both focus on, this scenario is a lot healthier for all of us. Because if we were all up under one household, especially in the day and age that we live right now, I think the enemy would try to attack from a bunch of different ways.”

The Comedian Is Comfortable With His ‘Disciple Dozen’

Nick Cannon at Premiere of 'Sextuplets' In Los Angeles

The 42-year-old also addressed rumors of expecting a 13th child. Cannon, who currently has 12 children, stated that he is content with the number he has. “We ain’t got there yet,” he said, shutting down baby number 13 rumors.

Cannon further explained that he is comfortable with the “disciple dozen” he has and has no plans to expand his family anytime soon. “I’ll keep my constellations at 12. 12 is a righteous number. I’m going to stay there,” he added, per Insider.

When asked by the host how he managed to have so many children in a relatively short period, in response, “The Masked Singer” host jokingly attributed it to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

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