Nicki Minaj Splurged And Rained Gucci Gifts On These ‘RHOP’ Stars

Nicki Minaj is spreading the Christmas cheer among the cast of “The Real Housewives of Potomac.” The legendary rapper got intimate with the housewives after she took over from Andy Cohen to host part 3 and part 4 of their reunion.

She made history as the first person ever to host a reunion in “The Real Housewives” franchise, and it seemed she wanted to appreciate the girls for the time spent together.

It’s Raining Gucci Thanks To Nicki Minaj

Yesterday, social media was abuzz when the castmates of the reality show took to Instagram to show off the luxurious gifts the Queen of rap purchased for their kids. There’s no doubt that Nicki spared no cost to make the kids happy during the holiday season.

Nicki MinajNicki Minaj

The first housewife who shared the news was Gizelle Bryant, who shared that Nicki gave her three daughters Gucci purses. Bryant raved about the luxurious gift writing:

I’m SPEECHLESS! So I’ve never bought my girls high-end bags because I always wanted to keep them HUMBLE. Always felt like humility and gratitude is way more important than stylin and profilin for children. So for their 1st @gucci bag to be gifted by the MEGA ICON SUPERSTAR @nickiminaj for Christmas is PRICELESS! Nicki my kids are screaming thru the house 😂 You have made their YEAR

Shortly after, fellow housewife Robyn Dixon revealed that the “Anaconda” rapper gifted her two sons Gucci wallets alongside cash gifts of $200 for each boy. Dixon described the experience as “a truly awesome moment for life,” referencing Nicki’s 2010 song featuring Drake.

All ‘RHOP’ Women Flaunted Gifts Except One

Wendy Osefo‘s kids were also lucky recipients of Nicki’s generosity. Although Osefo couldn’t show off her children’s gifts as she was out of town, she noted that her notifications had been blowing up! Even Ashley Darby‘s toddler wasn’t left out.

Darby shared that her 9-month-old son Dylan was gifted a matching Gucci hat and scarf and thanked Nicki for thinking about babies during the holidays.

It seems all the women of “RHOP” had a gift from Barbz except Mia Thorton. Amid the social media buzz about the gifts, Thorton subtly called out Nicki for leaving out her kids in a since-deleted Instagram post.

Thorton noted that she received messages spiting her for saying some harsh things during the reunion, which caused Nicki to exempt her from the gifting spree. Thorton stood by her choice, saying she wouldn’t be silent to obtain material things. She then joked that she would have to stop at the Gucci store to make up for her kids.

Nicki Fires Back At Thorton’s Claims

Shortly after Thorton’s allegations, Nicki took to Twitter to call out the reality star and clear the air behind what was happening. True to her nature, Nicki let it all out in the open, writing:

Mia, I was following you on IG but then your page disappeared. I asked and no one knew for sure how to find you or what was your real page anymore. I have receipts, I’ll gladly post them if you’d like me to. I don’t play like that about children. Pls send me the addy mama.

Thorton has since apologized to Nicki, but fans have seen no sign of a gift on the reality star’s page.

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