Olivia Munn Gossip: Called Out For Supposedly ‘Trapping’ John Mulaney Due To Timeline Of Their Relationship

Did Olivia Munn trap John Mulaney in their relationship? One shocking report says she got pregnant so Mulaney wouldn’t leave her. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Surprising Romance… Comes Under Scrutiny’

A bombshell report from In Touch asks the question: “Did Olivia trap John?” While Mulaney and Munn may look happy about their baby, the truth is Mulaney never wanted to have kids. He made multiple jokes during stand-up sets of yore centered around not having children. A source says, “The relationship never had a strong foundation… some think Olivia trapped him.”

Munn swooped into Mulaney’s life at his most vulnerable point. The SNL alum was just entering rehab, and suddenly she got pregnant. Given her past history with other famous men, the outlet argues, it looks bad. Everything came as a shock to Anna Marie Tendler, Mulaney’s ex-wife. A source concludes, “There’s more here than meets the eye.”

What’s Really Going On With Mulaney And Munn

In Touch has no details to back up its “trapping” narrative so it doesn’t bother to say any. Instead, it just reviews the sketchy timeline of John Mulaney and Olivia Munn’s relationship, then attacks Munn by listing her exes. This so-called source says Munn “knows people think she’s a homewrecker” because she’s dated some famous men fresh off relationships.

Just because Munn has dated men before Mulaney does not make her a homewrecker. When you’re famous as she is, the dating pool is only going to be famous folks. The tabloid acts like she loves to trap men, but the child she has with Mulaney is her first. This story is just misogyny, plain and simple.

As for Mulaney’s jokes: People can change. The jokes cited come from 2015, so clearly, he’s changed in the last six-plus years. “Olivia and this baby has helped save me from myself,” Mulaney told Seth Meyers last year. Those aren’t the words of someone trying to find a way out.

Other Bogus Stories

In Touch regularly uses the phrase “trapped” in its stories. It claimed Tom Hanks was trapped in his marriage to Rita Wilson. In reality, he just genuinely loves and respects his partner. The same goes for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Apparently, Markle trapped Harry in California with her feminine wiles.

Meanwhile, both Will Smith and Reese Witherspoon were trapped in their marriages thanks to quarantine and the price of divorce. Both could easily afford to hire lawyers if necessary, so those didn’t add up either. This narrative is just plain stupid and almost always attacks women just for existing.

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