Pardison Fontaine Breaks Silence About Megan Thee Stallion Split

Pardison Fontaine has had enough of all the vicious rumors spreading about a breakup with his girlfriend, Megan Thee Stallion.

Since Megan took down most of the lovey-dovey content she took with her boo from her social media, speculations festered that there is trouble in paradise.

Fontaine, whose birth name is Jorden Kyle Lanier Thorpe, came out to put a pin on all the fictional tales surrounding him and the “Cognac Queen” star.

Pardison Fontaine Addresses Breakup Rumors With Megan Thee Stallion

Fontaine and Megan Thee Stallion lit up the hip-hop sphere with their romance when they became a public couple towards the end of 2020.

But, in a world where public displays of affection are taken as the only proof of love, people worried when Megan suddenly took down Fontaine’s pictures from Instagram.

The couple kept silent on the situation, leaving room for several stories to appear online about the “W.A.P” rapper getting physically abusive with her lover.

These accusations were the last straw for Fontaine, who took to social media to protect the name of his superstar girlfriend.

Megan Thee Stallion & Pardison Megan Thee Stallion & Pardison

On Tuesday, January 18, The “Take It Down” writer addressed all the talk surrounding his relationship with a statement on his Instagram story.

Fontaine wants everyone to know that Megan only lays hands on him in a consensual and non-violent way. He partly wrote:

“Stop this cap nobody puttin hands on nobody …(At least not in that way ) Been seein the break up rumors and was lettin y’all imaginations run.”

The lover boy wanted fans and tabloids to know that they needed to stop spinning tales around his romance cause he and the “Body” star are fine. He concluded with:

“but y’all gettin too crazy ….ain’t give n-ggas a story so they made one … we really been on it double time.”

That seems to clear the air regarding the accusations around Megan, although the recent Texas University graduate has yet to give a statement of her own.

In October, Megan marked the first anniversary of her and Fontaine’s romance and gushed about how much he meant to her. 

The Blast revealed in January that shippers of the couple were left saddened when the “Savage” rapper removed a lot of their cute couple photos from her Instagram page.

Pardison Pardison

To make things even more suspicious, Megan, who has a history of being very vocal about her love for her man, kept silent on his birthday in December.

Fans believe the stars are perfect for each other and wondered what could have gone wrong between the two, as there were no public signs of trouble.

The “Good News” Rapper Celebrates Thanksgiving With Her Partner

Megan Thee Stallion celebrated Thanksgiving with Fontaine, and she delighted fans with a peek into how the holiday went.

The Blast shared in November that the “Captain Hook” artist posted a carousel of images from the celebration on her Instagram page.

Megan looked classy in a black designer dress studded on the sleeves and sides. She paired the look with black heels, a matching handbag, and a necklace.

Fontaine was seen behind his lady in another image while she smiled widely at him. In another photo, he stared adoringly at her.

In October, Megan celebrated their 1st anniversary with wild photos of them together. In one image, the “Peach” rapper took a sip from a cocktail glass held safely by Megan’s plump behind.

The lovebirds were also seen snorkeling and playing on a trampoline with no hints of a dispute between them. The “Body” rapper also praised Fontaine, saying:

“My boyfriend does make me very happy. He definitely takes care of me emotionally. He makes my brain feel good. I used to be so into the physical, right, but he moves me, he inspires me. We just feel like a real team.

Megan Thee Stallion Gets Anniversary Bling From Pardison Fontaine 

Nothing says happy anniversary like customized jewelry worth its weight in gold, and Fontaine thought the same.

The Blast disclosed that a video surfaced online of the “Madden Flow” rapper gifting his love a custom iced out baguette chain with a ‘Megan’ pendant.

Fontaine invited a jeweler to his home in the clip, where the jewelry box was opened. Megan, who was rocking matching pajamas with her boo, was thrilled to see the gift.

The “Hot Girl Summer” rapper hugged her boyfriend and put the chain on, lighting the room with countless flashing diamonds.

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