Patrick Mahomes’ Brother & Wife Seen On Chiefs’ Sideline After Water Bottle Drama

The younger brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, is making a big statement on the sidelines days after finding himself in a ton of controversy. Jackson Mahomes and Brittany Matthews shared photos of themselves at Arrowhead Stadium before Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

Jackson made headlines last week after he was caught on social media dumping a water bottle over an aggressive Baltimore fan after the Chiefs’ devastating loss to the Ravens. The video went viral and Patrick was forced to answer questions about his younger brother during press conferences all week.

Check Out The T-Shirt

Now one week later, Jackson Mahomes is still enjoying his time in the spotlight, as evidenced by the t-shirt he wore to the big game.

Jackson MahomesJackson Mahomes
Jackson Mahomes / Instagram

Sporting a shirt featuring a tweet from Kansas City Mayor, Quinton Lucas … the message read “Leave Jackson Mahomes alone.”

Jackson did not drop much of a caption for his photos, and let the shirt do the talking … but it’s clear he is not feeling bad about dousing that Ravens’ fan with water.

Brittany Matthews Also Taking Heat

Patrick Mahomes’ little brother is not the only family member who is the target of taunting fans at NFL games, as the QB’s wife usually attends with his brother. Sunday’s game was no different, as Brittany Matthews was on the sideline and ready to rock and roll in her all-pink outfit while shouting out The Kingdom.

Many of Brittany’s fans were loving her look with positive comments … however, there were a few trolls who could not help themselves with negative jabs at the social media influencer.

“Chiefs gonna take another L today!!! Kermit throwing interceptions” one person commented.

“Your husband just threw a pick,” another hater wrote.

Patrick Mahomes’ Talks About Water Bottle Incident

Although Jackson did not have to answer publicly for dumping water on the Baltimore fan, his brother was not so lucky as Patrick was forced to answer questions during media rounds throughout the week.

“Obviously, it’s something we don’t want to necessarily do,” Patrick said.

He added, “There were things that were said to him and that you don’t see on the clip. He’s been good at trying not to respond to that stuff. He takes a lot and he’s usually pretty good at it and he’ll learn from it and try to stay away from those people as best he can.”

The quarterback also claims his wife was taunted by the Baltimore fans before his younger brother responded.

As for Jackson … his comment immediately following the event was, “they were thirsty.”

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