Pete Davidson Has Kim Kardashian’s ‘Support’ To Seek Therapy Amid Kanye West Online Attack

Actor and comedian Pete Davidson has reportedly sought trauma therapy with the support of his ex-beau, Kim Kardashian, after being harassed online by Kanye West.

During the duration of Davidson and the reality star’s romance, West went above and beyond to ensure he riled the couple at every opportunity through diss posts on his social media platforms and during interviews and other events.

Davidson, who is known to have had mental health concerns for most of his life, was deeply hurt by those frequent online attacks and had to seek trauma therapy. According to recent reports, Kardashian supported the comedian once he made the decision.

Kim Kardashian Showed Support For Pete Davidson’s Therapy Decision

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson
Instagram / Kim Kardashian

Reports obtained by Page Six revealed that Kardashian believed the comedian’s decision to undergo trauma therapy was the right step and gave him her full backing.

“Kim was very supportive of Pete going to therapy,” an insider informed the publication amid the couple’s recent breakup.

The source went on to explain that the reality’s star estranged husband had contributed mainly to Davidson’s decision to seek mental health through his constant online antics that often served as a trigger for the comedian.

“Kanye was very detrimental. He was posting negative things — now add thousands and thousands of comments. Someone has to work with you to deal with something like that,” they added.

Davidson also received death threats from West’s fans, which further piled on the ordeal of the former “Saturday Night Live Star.”

“Getting death threats from [Kanye’s] fans and all the negative attention online doesn’t feel good for the average person — add someone who’s struggled with mental illness, and it’s even worse,” another source pointed out.

The Pair Allegedly Broke Up Due To Distance

White House Correspondents Dinner 2022. 30 Apr 2022 Pictured: Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson

Davidson has been in “trauma therapy” since April before his breakup from the “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” star. There was no information on whether the model accompanied him during some of his scheduled visits to the therapist. However, given their excessive PDA moments during the relationship, one can assume that Kardashian’s support was truly unwavering.

However, the couple’s love was unable to sustain the pair’s relationship as their hectic work schedule made it difficult for them to see each other. After first trying their hands with a long-distance relationship, the couple decided to split earlier in the month.

“As much as they both wanted the relationship to work and enjoyed being together when they could be, they realized that it might be months at a time when they could see each other, so they decided it would be best to be friends,” a source said.

Kanye West’s Antics After The Couple’s Breakup

Kanye West celebrates the end of Kim and Pete Davidson's relationship
Instagram/Kanye West

Following the breakup of Kardashian and Davidson’s nine-month romance, West reacted by uploading a phony obituary for the comedian on Instagram. According to sources who spoke to Page Six, Kardashian was “livid and incredibly upset,” suggesting that she was concerned about how Davidson might be impacted by West’s most recent attempt to trash him.

“Kim is livid and incredibly upset … Kanye is back to his old ways, and Kim will not tolerate his bullying behavior towards the people she loves and cares about,” a source close to the reality star told the publication.

Although sources said that Davidson’s and the reality star’s representatives contacted Instagram to report the image, the comedian hasn’t publicly commented on it. The fake article remained up on the rapper’s timeline for a while before he eventually deleted the post.

Pete Davidson Is Still In Therapy

Pete Davidson

Fortunately for Davidson, he has been abroad for nearly three months filming a movie in Australia, far from the commotion and gossip that occur every time West pulls out another diss trick from his sleeve. The comedian “is still in therapy, but focusing on his film,” a source claimed.

The insider also said that the former “SNL” star benefited from “the distance from the public eye.” The source added that Davidson, who was significantly hurt by his and Kardashian’s separation despite it being amicable, has been able to “heal like a normal person.”

While the length of Davidson’s stay in Australia for the movie’s filming is unknown, Hollywood Life was able to confirm that the upcoming film is a comedy dubbed “Wizards!” and will star “The King of Staten Island” actor alongside Sean Harris.

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