Pete Davidson Leaving SNL, Making Moves On Kaley Cuoco?

Pete Davidson’s future is uncertain. He’s recently single, and could be looking into “bigger things.” Is his SNL career really coming to an end? Here are some stories Gossip Cop has confronted claiming to know what Davidson will know next.

Pete Davidson Leaving ‘SNL’?

According to Star, Davidson has made up his mind about leaving SNL. He had recently told The Hollywood Reporter that he was “ready to hang up the jersey.” A friend informed the outlet that “he’s saying bigger things are ahead” and “seven seasons was long enough.” Davidson’s final Weekend Update of the season seemed to confirm that he was on the way out.

Davidson’s future is very much in doubt, for no cast has been announced for season 47. It’s true that the future is bright for Davidson, for he landed the lead role in King of Staten Island and a bit role in The Suicide Squad. Whenever he decides to leave, there will undoubtedly be roles waiting for him. However, he hasn’t confirmed that he plans to leave this season. He regularly makes comments about leaving SNL, yet he’s stayed on the show for seven seasons. Only time will tell what he decides to do.

Flirting With Kaley Cuoco?

Davidson is coming off a breakup with Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor. According to Woman’s Day, Davidson had already moved on and was flirting with Kaley Cuoco nonstop on the set of their new rom-com Meet Cute. An insider said Davidson is “nothing short of bewitched by Kaley, who has the wit to match his quick quips.” He didn’t care about Cuoco’s marriage and couldn’t help himself. One of Cuoco’s friends said, “Kaley has been known to get caught up in whirlwind love affairs, and she’s also dated co-stars in the past.”

Cuoco ended up getting divorced shortly after this story, but it had nothing to do with Davidson. Both he and Cuoco are professionals. This tabloid has a background in promoting bogus affairs between co-stars, so Gossip Cop busted the story. There was no reliable information in this story whatsoever.

Davidson Caused Cuoco’s Divorce?

In a timely follow-up, Woman’s Day reported that Davidson was the primary culprit for Cuoco and Karl Cook’s divorce. A source said their flirtation “pretty much put the nail in the coffin on her marriage.” Cuoco is a “serial bride” who only dates men “until someone more interesting comes along,” the tabloid explained.

Gossip Cop took umbrage with the whole story. Cuoco’s only been married twice and both marriages lasted at least 3 years. She’s didn’t rush moving in or any other part of her relationship with Cook, so this article did not match reality. This was just an attack on Cuoco’s character and it had no actual evidence to back its claim.

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