Pete Davidson Was The Final ‘Nail In The Coffin’ For Kaley Cuoco’s Marriage?

Was a secret love affair between Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco the reason for Cuoco’s recent divorce? One tabloid claims the Saturday Night Live star and the actress are doing “everything they can” to prove they’re not an item despite what insiders know to be true. Gossip Cop is looking into the story. 

Are Kaley Cuoco And Pete Davidson An Item?

A new story from Woman’s Day names Davidson as the primary reason Cuoco ended her marriage with Karl Cook. Although the story may come as a surprise to the public, sources close to Cuoco saw this coming from a mile away. The tabloid states that the actress’ friends were “concerned she was growing way too fond of bad-boy comedian Pete” after they visited Six Flags together. A source close to the actress alleges that the trip “pretty much put the nail in the coffin on her marriage.” 

Apparently, Cuoco and Davidson had an instant attraction while filming their new movie, Meet Cute. Because Cuoco is a “serial bride” who fully commits to a relationship “until someone more interesting comes along,” it didn’t take long for her marriage to fall apart once Davidson was in the picture, an insider reveals. Cook, on the other hand, was “totally blindsided” by the end of their relationship. 

What’s Going On Between Kaley Cuoco And Pete Davidson?

There are several details about this Woman’s Day story that just don’t add up. First, the magazine describes Cuoco as a “serial bride,” which seems unnecessary and false. Cuoco has only been married twice, and both marriages lasted at least three years. This proves Cuoco is hardly the type to move on too quickly. She famously waited to move in with Cook until after they got married. This doesn’t seem like someone who rushes into relationships. 

We also find it odd that the magazine says that Cuoco just now realized she can date “interesting people” instead of her ex-husband. Her romantic history isn’t exactly bland, and she even previously dated Big Bang Theory co-star Johnny Galecki. If nothing else, it’s cold to call a three-year marriage “boring” because one person isn’t quite as famous as Pete Davidson. Even if the two co-stars end up dating at some point, we don’t believe anything in Woman’s Day‘s story or what the outlet has to say about her divorce.

An Outlet That’s Hard To Trust 

Based on its past reporting, Woman’s Day has proven that it’s not worth trusting. In 2020, the magazine claimed Nicole Kidman was furious that her husband Keith Urban would be working alongside Rita Ora. Gossip Cop found this narrative false. Both Urban and Ora are seasoned professionals, and Kidman consistently breaks down any rumors about relationship struggles. The tabloid also stated George and Amal Clooney were “living separate lives” and not too happy with one another. Once again, the story was bogus, and the couple never separated. Whether it’s talking about happy couples or recent divorces, this tabloid isn’t worth reading.

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