Piers Morgan Slammed for Allegedly Hiding COVID-19 Diagnosis

Former “Good Morning America” host, Piers Morgan is in the news again, and this time it is definitely not what the public is expecting. The television personality had a recent taste of his medicine at the hands of an English actress, and fans had a lot to say about it.

Morgan, who recently opened up about his COVID-19 diagnosis, attracted mixed reactions from fans, even his close colleagues wondered why he kept the information to himself.

Others wished him a speedy recovery and hoped that he tried to stay away from people, so as not to spread the virus even more

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Piers Morgan Explains Brush With COVID-19

In a news outlet’s section on Sunday, July 25, 2021, Morgan explained how he came in contact with the virus, and what he believes saved his life in the long run.

He started off by saying that he was in attendance at the Wembley Station for the Euros 2020, as were thousands of other people. He went on to reveal that the station’s personnel did not allow anyone in, who had not taken the full vaccination dose, or had been diagnosed with a negative lateral flow in the past 48 hours.

In Morgan’s opinion, he was in the safest place he could ever be, but unfortunately, that was not the case. The host said he became ill a few days later, and after taking two tests, it was determined that he had contracted the virus.

Piers Morgan Says A ‘Double Jab’ Saved His Life

In the previous paragraph, the presenter noted that anyone who had not completed their vaccination was not allowed into the station for the games. Luckily or Morgan, he was fully vaccinated, and was allowed entrance.

He acknowledged that the vaccination, which he termed a ‘double jab’ helped to reduce the risk of the virus turning into a life-threatening situation for him. In his account from the Sunday news section, Morgan did not go into details about how sick he was.

Rather, he commended the work that the vaccine helped him achieve and highlighted a serious COVID-19 case that happened with one of his former colleagues.

Piers Morgan Opens Up On Colleague’s Diagnosis

Still speaking about his brush with the virus, Morgan deflected a little, when he spoke about the time Kate Garraway experienced the harshness of the virus. He also explained that it left her husband, Derek Draper in critical condition, in the hospital for months.

Former GMTV presenter Piers Morgan seen leaving and returning to his home this morning after dropping his daughter Elise aged 8 to school on March 10 2021 in London EnglandFormer GMTV presenter Piers Morgan seen leaving and returning to his home this morning after dropping his daughter Elise aged 8 to school on March 10 2021 in London England

Although Morgan was not open about his diagnosis, for reasons best known to him, many felt like he should have said something, for information’s sake. Some fans questioned whether the presenter stayed away from people while he was sick with the virus, and others were curious to know if he was still positive.

One of the people who voiced her concerns about Morgan’s non-disclosure, was “Loose Women” panelist, Denise Welch.

See what she had to say below.

Dennis Welch’s Thoughts

In Morgan’s recent Instagram post, actress Denise Welch clearly stated what she thinks, and left no stones unturned in the process.

A photo showing Denise Welch in a peach outfit.A photo showing Denise Welch in a peach outfit.
Instagram | Denise Welch

She first noted that the 56-year-old has been active on social media, despite being sick a few days after Wembley, and failed to mention it to anyone. Furthermore, she expressed how shocking it was that Morgan would keep that kind of information to himself, and wrapped up her concerns with #justsaying.

When fans saw this comment from Welch, they immediately gave different reactions to it. While some agreed with her thoughts, others alleged that Morgan was simply trying to advertise the vaccine. Also, others wished the British broadcaster and journalist a quick recovery.

One user wrote; “No you haven’t stop lying. You’ve been sitting in your garden showing us how great your life is over the last 2 weeks. Another one on the payroll.”

Another commented saying; “Disappointing forced Advert, promoting something that isn’t required! All other vaccines stop you from getting any virus ( MMR for example) yet this one doesn’t”

Another user wrote saying; “Glad you’re recuperating and almost equally pleased you’re spreading the good word: get jabbed.”

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