Pregnant Keke Palmer ‘Drops It Like It’s Hot’ In Fun Dance Video

Keke Palmer is kicking maternity’s butt!

Since announcing her pregnancy during her hosting debut on “Saturday Night Live” in December, the actress has continued to give her followers and fans insights into her journey. The soon-to-mom showed no hesitation as she shared an update of her dancing enthusiastically to the sound of Lil Boosie’s “They D*cking” over the weekend, thrilling her 12 million followers beyond expectation.

Keke Palmer Starts Her Day With An Exciting Dance Routine & Her Baby Bump

Palmer has enjoyed an impressive amount of support over the last few weeks from loved ones, fellow celebrities, and fans following the announcement that she’s expecting her first baby with her boyfriend, Darius Jackson. 

It is even sweeter to see that the couple — who reportedly met in 2021 — are impatient to welcome the patter of tiny feet into their lives. Despite that impatience, Palmer has shown how much she has enjoyed her pregnancy journey, often sharing multimedia content on social media.

In her latest Instagram update, the five-time NAACP Image Awards winner uploaded a clip showcasing her in matching underwear. The “Nope” star glowed as she kick-started her morning with a dance in the nude ensemble, bringing focus to her growing baby bump and the vast flower tattoo adorning it.

Palmer alternated between flipping her hair back and forth and waving her hands before turning to show the camera her backside. While her face is bare, the 29-year-old donned big glasses and a bracelet for the dance-off. The caption sounded as excited as the “Akeelah and the Bee” star looked in the clip, reading:

“Good morning, y’all!!! Happy Sunday from me & the bump.”

In addition to the one million likes it has gotten so far, the post has accumulated over 15k comments. Actor Kendrick Sampson claimed, “This is my favorite thing I’ve ever seen you do (and thassa high bar 💯 💯 🖤 😂), and rapper Dej Loaf dropped laughter and fire emojis.

Asha Kamali complimented Palmer for looking “sooo stinking cute, and you are gorgeous!!,” and applauded her boyfriend for the “Great camera work.” Film producer Robyn Simpson also shared that she loved “that energy” for the “Turnt Up with the Taylors” star’s baby.

As for her fans, one wrote, “Can’t lie, seeing ppl GENUINELY happy is so rare these days… I’m happy FOR and WITH her honestly. I’m a new daddy too and it’s changed my life!”

Palmer’s contagious joy has been the highlight of her pregnancy, as it comes from the smoothness of the journey, which is in its third trimester. In fact, the easy process prompted the “Hustlers” actress to refer to her unborn child as a “warrior baby” during a recent interview. The Blast noted that she shared:

“I think that my baby is like a warrior or something like that because I’ve been good, y’all. I haven’t had any nausea like I’ve had moments where I’m like gagging, where I’ll just sit there and it’ll make me feel that way. But I won’t actually throw up; I won’t actually run to the bathroom.”

Keke Palmer attends Michael Kors Collection Spring/Summer 2023 Fashion Show

Opening up about her feelings, Palmer pointed out that she is “very excited, nervous, and curious more than anything” since birthing a child is “one of those things that no one can really prepare you for.” However, the most important part for her is finally having her baby in her arms.

The “Man In The Mirror” Singer Had THIS To Say To Internet Trolls Coming For Her Looks

Anybody who has followed Palmer on social media for an extended period knows how confident she is about her body. Thus, when trolls came for her physical looks a couple of days after she announced her pregnancy, she ensured that she shut them down quickly. The Blast reported that the Austin Film Critics Association Awards nominee took to Twitter to state:

“I just saw a few comments of ppl saying I was ugly cause I wasn’t wearing any makeup. And I really want y’all to get the help. Y’all need [help] because makeup isn’t real. I’m beautiful in real life, because of who I am,  not what I look like.”

Palmer further shared that she wished she “could bottle how I feel about myself and sell it” to those who “take comments to heart.” “These ppl just say anything. I mean truly it’s insane to anyone is ugly, but especially me 🤣🤣🤣,” the actress concluded the tweets, which got a few of her fans calling for the imprisonment of the person who called their face actress ugly.

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