Pregnant Whitney Cummings Laments Not Fitting Into Clothes: ‘This Is A Barbaric Practice’

Whitney Cummings is having clothing troubles! And it appears the stand-up comedian can’t joke her way out of the absurd dilemma.

As fans may know, Cummings surprised the public with her pregnancy announcement in June after coming on social media to post a series of photos baring her bump.

Since sharing the good news, she has been updating her supporters on her progress and journey to motherhood.

Pregnant Whitney Cummings Struggles To Zip-Up Denim Jumpsuit

While things are falling in place for the actress, considering her decision to try for a baby this year after freezing her eggs at 32 — she is, nevertheless, going through some challenges as an expectant mom.

Opening up about her struggles to her followers, she took to her Instagram Stories to post a 55 seconds clips detailing how she attempted to successfully put on an outfit.

In the video, the “Made Of Honor” actress donned a classy outfit from Khloe Kardashian’s clothing brand, “Good American,” and paired it with a two-piece gold necklace. Unfortunately for the comedian, the denim jumpsuit did not fit her body properly due to her bulging stomach.

Capturing the frustrating moment from the comfort of her bedroom, she kept her looks simple and packed her tresses in a loose bun. The expectant mom did not wear any makeup.

Addressing her fans while trying her best to zip up the ensemble, she stated, “Like three days ago, I could zip this. And now I feel like I’m gonna circumcise the baby by accident.” Still not giving up on her quest, she continued, “Are you allowed to suck in when pregnant? This is so stupid. I mean, ‘Good American,’ bless your heart, I love this.”

She kept laughing as she failed to completely wear the jumpsuit, adding, “It is so dumb you guys. This makes no sense. This is a barbaric practice. I don’t know how we…”  After the actress realized that she had to change into another fit, she concluded by remarking while gently slapping her tummy, “Oh look at that, is that baby? No. He is in there somewhere. I think he is down here further. I think I just gave him tennis. Let me go and handle that.”

Adding a caption over the post, she revealed, “@goodamerican  I’m gonna need a bigger size,” alongside a melting face emoji.

In a subsequent post to her Story, she shared an unclad mirror selfie of herself sporting only nude lacy pants while she kept her hands over her breast.  Wearing a three-piece gold necklace, she stared at the mirror while asking her fans a question in the caption, writing, “Moms can I shoot a special in late if I’m this pregnant at 5 months.”

Regardless of the pregnancy struggles Cummings is going through, the talented actress is excited as she awaits the arrival of her first child.  Sometime in June, after notifying fans that she was pregnant with her little one, she updated them about the gender of the baby.

Whitney Cummings shared almost nude pregnancy photo

The actress took to her Instagram page to announce that she was having a baby boy together with heartwarming images of the unborn child. The comedian posted a grainy black-and-white sonogram photo of her bundle of joy while adding a lovely caption, writing, “My favorite pic of my baby face so far. This just in: it’s a BOY. Help me name this monster. Rusty? Dusty? Bill”?

Responding to the request, colleagues and friends of the actress dropped suggestions in the comments section. Tiffany Haddish recommended her name for the little one, writing, “I think you should name him Haddish means new.”

January Jones, on the other hand, gave a list of names she came up with before but never got to use. She wrote, ”Some names on my list that I didn’t end up using but are good contenders: Isosceles, Bloodrayne, Felix Jr., Eminem.”

Cummings Jokingly Pointed Out The Father Of Her Unborn Child

While the “Unforgettable” actress wants her fans to be a part of her pregnancy journey, it appears the soon-to-be first-time mom wouldn’t be revealing the true identity of her baby’s father anytime soon.

Per reports, the 40-year-old, who initially took to her Instagram to flaunt her baby bump and the first sonogram image of her child hinted at her baby daddy in a tweet.

Whitney Cummings shares pregnancy news

The actress joked that fellow comedian, Matt Rife, was the man responsible for her pregnancy. She wrote on Twitter, ”Father is @mattrife please start this rumor.”  

Keeping up with her humor, Rife on his part, played along with the joke, quote-retweeting her tweet, adding, “This is true! I got her last egg”!

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