Pregnant Whitney Cummings Reveals Gender Of Baby While Sourcing For Names

Whitney Cummings, who announced her intentions to have a baby this year, has an exciting update about the little one as she counts down to becoming a mother in December.

Cummings recently found out her unborn child’s gender, which she delightfully revealed to her fans while showcasing her famous humor.

Whitney Cummings Reveals Sex Of Unborn Child, Asks Fans For Name Ideas

On Tuesday, June 27, the brilliant director flaunted the best snap of her unborn baby on Instagram while announcing that she was pregnant with a boy.

Whitney Cummings at 2022 Fox Upfront

She uploaded a grainy black and white sonogram image of the little one, captioned, “My favorite pic of my baby face so far. This just in: it’s a BOY. Help me name this monster. Rusty? Dusty? Bill?”

Many fans wasted no time dropping suggestions in the comment section, including fellow celebs like Tiffany Haddish, January Jones, Paris Hilton, and Seth Green.

Haddish recommended her name for the unborn baby, saying, “I think you should name him Haddish means new,” while Jones gave a list of names she came up with before but never got to use. She wrote, “Some names on my list that I didn’t end up using but are good contenders: Isosceles, Bloodrayne, Felix Jr., Eminem.”

One follower exclaimed, “Bill, obviously!” same with another, who expressed, “He’s so cute! He definitely looks like a Bill.” A third commenter proposed, “Maybe Rusty Dusty Bill,” while a fourth supporter stated, “Rocco is a great name, lol.”

“Name him Kim,” a fifth commenter suggested, and a sixth penned, “Silving Cummings,” before another claimed the baby was obviously Stitch, from the animation “Lilo & Stitch.”

One other fan recommended “Timdillon” for the child’s first name, whereas a fellow follower expressed, “Dude – Dusty Cummings has a ring to it. With a name like that, he can move to LA or WV!!” A few more followers commented on the appearance of the sonogram, including one who remarked, “I see an angry chihuahua in this ultrasound, and now I can’t unsee it.”

Another user wrote, “That’s a French bulldog, babe,” while one more stated, “You sure he’s not a Pug…I can’t unsee the pug in the ultrasound.” The thrilled mother-to-be did not stop her baby updates on her feed but also took to her Instagram Story with another ultrasound image of him, writing, “He’s waving!”

About a week before, Cummings announced she was “with child” using a series of shots on her Instagram, putting her enlarged belly on full display. She wore a bikini by the pool in the photos and threw a ball to her dog, who caught it mid-air, while the last slide showed a sonogram image of her yet-to-be-born son. 

In the caption, she announced, “In these pix, I am with child, and there’s a baby in me too. Human pup coming December. All your dates in 2023 are still happening. I just may fall over a couple of times.”  

The “Good For You” Podcaster Spoke On Freezing Her Eggs & Her Plans To Get Pregnant 

Cummings plans for 2023 included trying to get pregnant, which she spoke about with Jenna Bush Hager and Willie Geist on the third hour of “Today” in February.

Whitney Cummings shares pregnancy news

When asked if she thought about her desire to be a mother, Cummings mentioned she had already frozen her eggs. In the producer’s words, “Okay, so look, here’s the thing. I have all the time in the world to have biological children, so there’s no rush. But I did freeze my eggs.”

“They have a beautiful beachfront in Redondo, California,” she added. “They’re on better real estate than me. I do want to get them out before the sea level rises and they flood, but I was going to try this year to get pregnant.”

The stand-up comedian further said she had no man in her life when asked if a husband was in the picture. She believed most of the male population was on “fentanyl and mushrooms” while maintaining that she was “not even looking for a father” but only “donors that aren’t through the sites.”

Cummings froze her eggs at 32, which she discussed with Vanity Fair in 2016, divulging that she felt like she was only dating people because she was on a deadline.

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